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Crib confusion!

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DebsOctBaby Mon 12-Jun-17 19:47:12

Sorry for a rambling post but after some advice and thoughts!

My plan for sleeping arrangements is to not get a Moses basket. Too many people say they are small and not worth it. I will use a combination of pram carry cot and Baby Box downstairs.

My issue is night sleeping. I thought just a small crib would be fine for six months before the move to cot bed in own room. Was thinking the Mothercare Hyde or Argos Sapling. Plain basic cribs.

However I can't ignore the whole Sleepyhead product. It seems great. But it doesn't fit into a smaller crib.

I can't have a bedside crib like a chicco as my bed isn't suitable. I also think I would be buying an expensive crib just to fit in an expensive sleepyhead that might not be even needed.

BUT I don't want to buy crib, baby doesn't sleep and I end up buying big expensive crib and Sleepyhead anyway.

Am I just being a marketer's dream? Do I really need a sleepy head??

DebsOctBaby Mon 12-Jun-17 19:49:17

Oh and I'm unlikely to use Sleepyhead downstairs as I have two cats so unless I put in pram, I can't use on sofa and walk to kitchen

TittyGolightly Mon 12-Jun-17 19:52:42

Just buy a normal cot, take off one side and put it up to your bed. Or have baby in with you!

masterblaster2000 Mon 12-Jun-17 20:03:34

We used sleepyhead in a crib but you're right it was pretty squished in there. It was fine for 3-4 months tho until baby got bigger and needed a bit more room width wise.

masterblaster2000 Mon 12-Jun-17 20:05:13

Actually I tell a lie, after about 8 weeks we put sleepyhead into a travel cot in our room as it wasn't a waste of money buying a travel cot as we knew we'd use it for a couple of years after. You could start straight away with a sleepyhead in a travel cot?

Emma2803 Mon 12-Jun-17 20:32:48

Why don't you just use your baby box to see what baby prefers, if they are happy enough in the baby box order your crib, if not go for the other option. Personally I would go with the travel cot with a bassinet instead of the next to me type crib (of you have the room for it) as you will get better use out of it.

ImADingleDangleScarecrow Mon 12-Jun-17 20:35:37

I used a snuzpod with sleepyhead in it. I didn't have the side down on the snuzpod as my bed was too high. If I could do it again, I would just use a normal cotbed with a sleepyhead. Makes no difference what the sleepyhead is in really.

Oysterbabe Mon 12-Jun-17 20:48:51

Just buy a normal cot and put the sleepyhead in it.

DrSpin Mon 12-Jun-17 20:53:09

I didn't need or use a sleepyhead. I too fell for the marketing and peer pressure and thought that sleepyheads were a must have item. Turns out my baby slept fine without it. We had a Moses basket for the first 10 weeks then a cot bed. if you have amazon prime you can always get stuff last minute when your baby is actually born.

DrSpin Mon 12-Jun-17 20:54:43

We got the Moses basket for £5 from a friend but loads on Facebook babybay pages for similar costs. You need a new mattress tho.

blue2014 Mon 12-Jun-17 21:01:00

My sleepyhead fits fine in the basic mothercare crib?

I'd wait til after the baby is born to get a sleepyhead. You'll either need it or you won't and there is no way of knowing until baby comes. I love mine though. Use it to co sleep

troodiedoo Mon 12-Jun-17 21:04:26

I wasn't going to get a moses but I saw one in a charity shop for a tenner and don't know what I'd have done without it, definitely got my money's worth.

EssentialHummus Mon 12-Jun-17 21:10:52

I'm in a similar position and going with Ikea cot that can have one side down (so good from 0 - 3ish) and a second hand Sleepyhead. (After some research it seems they're fine to use between more than one child.)

blue2014 Mon 12-Jun-17 21:12:06

I'd get your cot from eBay by the way. There are millions of them

Urglewurgle Mon 12-Jun-17 21:14:37

I am also so confused! We have a cotbed on order but I really wanted a snuzpod. I also have seen loads of people saying baby either didn't like the moses basket or grew out of it really quickly. It just seems like a lot of money for the snuzpod but then moses baskets with stands aren't that much cheaper!

One thing I have just ordered is the cosydream by babymoov, similar thing to the sleepy head (and safe for overnight sleeps) and only £40.

Notsure1234 Mon 12-Jun-17 21:21:44

We used a sleepyhead in a basic crib until about 6 months

MelinaMercury Mon 12-Jun-17 21:24:35

If you're short on space in your room try a space saver cot, they can be built with 3 sides meaning you have a bigger space and a co-sleeper.

Try just the cot first as your baby might be perfectly happy sleeping flat which renders the sleepyhead a rather expensive decorative cushion!

My DD was (still is 4 years on actually) very high needs and wouldn't be put down but I didn't have the money to try any of the cushions so my HV suggested putting my £10 vcushion inside a pillow case and lying baby on top wedging her in the space. It did the same job and worked wonders smile

arbrighton Mon 12-Jun-17 22:17:32

We have a bednest rental arriving this week (37 weeks) for first 6 months in our room as a cot won't fit etcetc

We were going to have the battered old moses basket on its 7th baby for any downstairs sleep (I can but hope!!), passed around BIL&SIL friends but that didn't quite happen and they've very very kindly bought us a new moses basket with a rocking stand. Now just to hope this isn't a big baby so we get some use out of it!

NorthernLurker Mon 12-Jun-17 22:37:18

It's ten years since I had a baby and we didn't have sleepyheads then. Our babies slept ok (or not). If I was doing it again I'd get one for co sleeping and otherwise try your box plan first. Two of mine slept best in carry cots, one like a basket. Babies are all different.

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