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Silvercross Pioneer + VW Polo

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rach217 Sun 11-Jun-17 17:03:02

Hey ladies, does anyone have the Pioneer & a Polo, does it fit in the boot? Measurements seem to suggest it would but not sure in real life. Will shops let you test it out?

Thanks xxx

Karlakitten1 Sun 11-Jun-17 17:08:12

I have a pioneer and a Peugeot 308 which fits well, it even fitted in my Citroen c3 when I had that, but at an angle. You should have no issues.

glastogal Sun 11-Jun-17 17:34:57

I tried one in the boot of my yaris at mothercare and was disappointed to discover it wouldn't fit. Most shops will let you try them out!

rach217 Mon 12-Jun-17 10:42:26

Thanks ladies, I will maybe see if Mothercare will let me test it. I have my heart set on one of the limited edition ones, and i'll be so sad if it doesn't fit!

beccii161016 Mon 12-Jun-17 12:34:35

Best bet is to test it out chick.

We have the seton Grey Limited Edition. It's an amazing pram and I wouldn't swap it for the world but my boyfriend has to completely empty the boot for it to fit in. It's not an huge deal just that it's usually full of his toolbox and other work gear!

It's definitely worth the squeeze though as it's so easy to manoeuvres on all sorts of terrain. Fav if you'll be going on days out to parks and whatnot!

beccii161016 Mon 12-Jun-17 12:34:58

Eton * autocorrect haha

rach217 Mon 12-Jun-17 12:50:07

Yep I think testing it is the best bet @beccii161016 - I've looked at a few prams and as you say the Pioneer looks perfect. We will be taking it out on different terrains, as we enjoy walking & this sounds perfect. But also looks good. I'm looking at the Expedition one! I don't mind if nothing else fits in the boot except the pram as we rarely use the boot anyway. Fingers crossed it fits!

OhOurBilly Mon 12-Jun-17 17:05:18

We've got a pioneer, honestly, it's a tank. I love it but it is heavy and cumbersome. We had a citroen megane and it was the only thing that fit in the boot. I bought it for the size of the basket.

The wheels are good, but is is bouncy, as in, the suspension is not as smooth as you might imagine. Carrycot is awesome, ds used to sleep in it after we'd been on a walk. Much prefer that it's lighter with the seat on. We sleep till regularly use it with the car seat attachments to nip into shops and ds is 6.5 months.

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