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11 weeks 2 days and symptoms seem reduced

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AnUtterIdiot Sun 11-Jun-17 16:18:00

I've had this panic before, and because of my previous miscarriage I'm particularly angsty. Basically, I'm still dry-retching, and my tum still feels weird, and everything still smells awful, and I can still only cope with a limited number of tastes/foods. And boobs still sore. So I'm not symptomless. But I had been being sick once or twice a day and it seems now to have gone down to every other day.

I know the internet says it's normal for symptoms to reduce around this time, but I'm having twins so wondering if this is still normal or if I should be anxious? 12 weeks scan isn't for another week (if I get to keep my original appointment - they did say that they'd send me another one as you need a double appointment for twins, but I've not received one yet and need to chase them tomorrow).

Sorry to be a massive angsty pants but any reassurance would be ace. And yes, I do appreciate that I may well be hurling cheerfully this afternoon/tomorrow morning. I'm just a bit hyper-aware at the moment.

AnUtterIdiot Sun 11-Jun-17 23:39:56

I'm just coming back to say that I did indeed start hurling about 2 hours after I posted this envy

ighinici Sun 11-Jun-17 23:44:02

symptoms disappear gradually... so around 11 weeks you start having good days, when you're not sick or nauseous. then slowly, the good days get more frequent, until you realize you haven't felt sick in a long time.
so it's perfectly normal, it means your pregnancy is progressing as it should be (and your hcg levels as well)

Dede124 Mon 12-Jun-17 08:44:17

Symptoms usually die down once the placenta starts to take over.. around 12 weeks x

AnUtterIdiot Mon 12-Jun-17 09:04:10

Thanks guys! I think I jumped the gun a bit on symptoms anyway but it's good to know it is normal to start feeling a bit better now smile

salsasalsa Mon 12-Jun-17 10:20:00

Hello, was just about to write a similar post myself!
I am also pregnant with twins - 10+3 and I'm so confused as my symptoms are next to none, I feel fairly nauseas during the morning up until lunch time, but I've only been physically sick 4/5 times, including this morning like you said dry heaving. Had a scan last Thursday which showed all OK, and I feel very round, am burping a lot, boobs occasionally sore, bit tired, but other than that I feel alright... when I found out it was twins just a bit in shock as to how smooth things are feeling/going confused maybe I should be grateful I don't know! Xx

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