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Toxoplasmosis panic - am I being over the top?

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upforathird Sat 10-Jun-17 16:00:20

My toddler has just stuck their hands in my mouth, not all the way in but in - after playing in the garden! They weren't digging in the flower beds or anything and hands didn't look overly dirty, just the usual grubbiness you would expect from a two year old.

I'm not immune (at least wasn't the last time I was pregnant) and I know you can get tested for it so don't worry about telling me about any of that.

Basically what I want to know is - is that something you would worry about, even think about or am I being overly anxious (which I have a tendency to do). If I forget about it it's ok isn't it - my unborn baby isn't very likely to get conventional toxo from this incident are they (trying hard to be laid back here...) confused

PotteringAlong Sat 10-Jun-17 16:02:02

I wouldn't even give it a second thought.

LittleGreenPear Sat 10-Jun-17 16:03:32

Goodness yes. Forget all about this as it's a total non issue

MoonfaceAndSilky Sat 10-Jun-17 16:03:54

Highly unlikely. Relax smile

upforathird Sat 10-Jun-17 16:11:10

Thank you! That's what I needed. Sane people reminding me how normal people think!

PS obviously I meant congenital not conventional! Which by the way I have just googled and the incidence rate is approx 0.34 of 10000 live births in the U.K.

Thingymaboob Sat 10-Jun-17 17:47:57

I completely get why you're anxious. I've been in a right state about toxoplasmosis since beginning of my pregnancy, a nice little health anxiety symptom. Unless the toddler had been digging around in cat poo (even then cats only shed oocytes in their poo for 14 days after initial infection) so cat poo still unlikely to have it in it. I have read the entire internet about toxoplasmosis... the risk is very low!

Dani00 Sun 11-Jun-17 09:02:52

I know it's easy to say but try not to worry! I was lambing with my partner before I found out I was pregnant so they did a blood test which showed I had never been exposed. The risk is really low and I'm sure you'll be fine X

Thingymaboob Sun 11-Jun-17 20:10:40

Hi @Dani00 lambing is supposed to be high risk too! Have you lambed for long? I am waiting for my blood test back.

Dani00 Sun 11-Jun-17 20:16:42

Hello Thingymaboob , my partner is a farmer and although the lambing season is now over, during March I was lambing before I found out I was pregnant. I was properly in the sheds, feeding the premature wet lambs aswell. I've been properly helping out with it for the last few years and obviously when they send off your blood , the results don't show when you may have got it. So if mine came back positive they would not have known if this was from previous years. I was really expecting it to come pack positive and was reading all different websites getting myself worked up about it! Luckily it came back negative so just meant I couldn't be around the new born ones for the rest of the season! I'm sure your blood results will be fine.

Thingymaboob Sun 11-Jun-17 20:23:50

Hi @Dani00 they can tell roughly when you got it - the difference between IgG and IgM. IgM increase means a recent infection whereas IgG means long term antibodies. I think it's a big more complicated than that but they can tell whether it's a newish infection. However, they wouldn't be able to tell whether infection was >1 year old or 10 years.

Dani00 Sun 11-Jun-17 20:27:57

Sorry I'm not sure how to mention / tag you! Ah okay, that's what I read too! I'm training to be a nurse so asked a lot of the different doctors on my placement , they didn't seem too fussed about it and said not to worry. When I mentioned it to my midwife she said they don't do that in my trust and had never heard of it. As my result was negative I didn't question it further but probably would have had it been different.

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