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This is all so new

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Bears2017 Sat 10-Jun-17 10:29:32

Hi everyone,

I've been reading these threads since last Sunday (when we found out we had a blue positive!).
On the Thursday I tested myself and a very faint blue cross appeared. Me and my boyfriend have been together 9 years and really would like a baby.
So I tried to wait until another week to test again but managed to hold out until the Saturday (not even 48 hours!).
That test (or should I say those 4 tests) came back with the words 'pregnant 1-2 weeks'.
I've slept like crazy this past week and we did another test yesterday to find it saying 'pregnant 2-3 weeks'.
That test was done as I've been experience cramp like aches (similar to those prior a period and have really sore boobs!). I started to panic thinking maybe the tests were wrong and therefore but the one I did yesterday.
I do feel more reassured but desperately waiting to see the midwife.
We've told both our parents (who we're super pleased) and last night we told his brother, we were going to wait to tell him but excitement got the better of us.
I'm trying not to think of it, but that niggling feeling in my head of the cramp and sore boobs keeps popping in my head.
Well that's our story so far, looking forward to reading and getting into more conversations with you all. Xx

blahthisistoohard Sat 10-Jun-17 10:34:46

Sore boobs is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy so that would be a good sign!

Bears2017 Sat 10-Jun-17 11:28:51

Ah that is good news then. I had read that it was a sign, I think because we're so excited, but found out so early. I'm a little up and down with feelings as I want to tell everyone but I keep doubting myself.

Phoenix76 Sat 10-Jun-17 23:12:41

Sounds like you're experiencing normal pregnancy symptoms to me, prepare yourself for the potential of other delightful ones to follow! Anxiety and being pregnant seem to go hand in hand ime and you may find yourself worrying about every niggle. The best thing you can do is be as calm as you can. My pregnancy test showing 2-3 weeks is now a year old upstairs asleep in her cot. Do what you feel like doing in regards to who you tell, and congratulations!

JoyJoyJoyJoy Sat 10-Jun-17 23:16:09

Cramps like when a period starts are also an early pregnancy symptom. It's what prompted me to test when I got pregnant - I had those cramps but period never came!

blahthisistoohard Sat 10-Jun-17 23:17:37

I found the first trimester (both times) full of anxiety and didn't tell anyone at all (apart from DH of course!) until we had the 12 week scan. Hormones are flying through your system making it even more stressful than it otherwise would be! Time will pass and you'll get past this early stage soon enough so try to enjoy your secret smile

bumblebee61 Sat 10-Jun-17 23:19:19

I would just be cautious about sharing your news until after 12 weeks though - don't want to be negative but just in case something goes wrong. Once you'e had a scan and are passed 12 weeks , then share the news.

LookImAHooman Sat 10-Jun-17 23:37:01

Well, it's up to OP.

Our personal take on it - after having had 12-week scans go all sorts of ways - is we tell people earlier, but only immediate family and this time one very close friend as I was asked directly. If things go badly at a dating scan, you may well need support from others, at which point you'd tell them anyway so potato potahto. We limit it to this very small circle for privacy in case the same happens, as is a common approach.

Horses for courses.

LookImAHooman Sat 10-Jun-17 23:38:02

And my rudeness! Congrats, OP smile Wishing you a smooth and enjoyable pregnancy.

Bears2017 Sat 10-Jun-17 23:57:15

Thanks everyone!

Yes we've decided to tell very close immediate family members only - all have been sworn to secrecy.
We want to wait a little while longer until the scan before we tell extended family and friends.
All very exciting and nerve racking at the same time but trying to just go with the flow.
Thanks again everyone for the reassurance xx

AnUtterIdiot Sun 11-Jun-17 00:05:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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