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Found out today. First time. Only 19..

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SugarnetMum Fri 09-Jun-17 17:53:13

I had been getting sick and feeling very sensitive to smells and food lately, and extremely tired with no energy...

Took a home test today and of course, first time ever, positive. Got dressed and me and dp went straight to the doctor, while I asked for a last minute appt and started crying (haha!) And the lovely nurse seen me, comforted me and we all found out it was positive (the urine sample)

Rollercoaster of emotions. Haven't told my mum yet. Acting as if everything is normal.I'm so scared, confused, excited, nauseous, every emotion in one!!!

At least I have mumsnet for support!

Tumilnaughts Fri 09-Jun-17 17:57:42

Be prepared for ALL of the emotions but so worth it. (gladly sitting here watching my 7 month old playing on the floor before bedtime).

Congrats! smile

Dede124 Fri 09-Jun-17 17:58:30

Congratulations @SugarnetMum !
Does take a while to sink it and it's normal to feel all sorts of emotions not just at the beginning but all the way! And you don't need to tell anyone until your ready xx

SugarnetMum Fri 09-Jun-17 18:08:44

Thank you so much! That does sound lovely tumilnaughts. Its so surreal. We thought we couldn't conceive.2 years of unprotected sex and here we are!.. Crazy. I'm somewhat happy that I'm able to have a baby. I was convinced for years I didn't have that gift. Sorry, just ranting smile

SugarnetMum Fri 09-Jun-17 18:09:31

Sitting here working slowly eating some mashed potato with gravy and carrot, about the only thing I can keep down!!!

Juno2002 Fri 09-Jun-17 18:29:48

Congratulations! All the best for a happy and healthy pregnancy smile

justanotheryoungmother Fri 09-Jun-17 19:14:57

I'm 19 too and I'm currently cuddling my month old baby.

I was scared too, especially to tell my mum, but it's so worth it in the end, feel free to PM me if you need someone to chat to who was in a similar situation smile

OvariesBeforeBrovaries Fri 09-Jun-17 19:19:08


I had DD at 19 smile it was absolutely terrifying, especially telling my parents. They reacted badly at first but came around eventually. DD is now 3 and my parents dote on her, none of us can imagine life without her - and she changed my life for the better in so very many ways.

Firstbaby220817 Fri 09-Jun-17 19:25:05


I'm 19 and just before Christmas we found out about a litre surprise. That surprise is now due in August and I'm 29 weeks pregnant. So excited!

We own our own house and have been together 3 years now. Cannot wait to have our own little family. Pm me if you want to talk to someone your age going through the same!


SugarnetMum Fri 09-Jun-17 20:03:50

Thanks everybody for that amazing support! I will definitely be messaging you! Need all I can get! Rollercoaster of ah I'm excited all the way to oh no what's going on!

Flumpernickel Fri 09-Jun-17 20:05:18

You can do this, I was 19. My eldest is now 17 1/2. wink

It will be hard, but it will be ok flowers

SugarnetMum Fri 09-Jun-17 20:05:59

Thank you!! Scary times at the moment but one day I'll be you helping someone in my shoes! Wondering what I was so terrified about :p haha!

Flumpernickel Fri 09-Jun-17 20:09:04

And, It's ok to be excited! Be EXCITED! grin

SugarnetMum Fri 09-Jun-17 20:21:54

This is why I love mumsnet!!

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