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Anyone else having twins?

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MSH2010 Thu 08-Jun-17 18:23:54

I'm 22+5 with DCDA twins. Both scans have been fine. Heard heartbeats at every midwife appointment. But still not getting regular movement sad it's my first pregnancy and I don't want to bother my midwives as I do get small flutters but I just thought it would be a little more regular by now sad

Haven't got another appointment until the last week of june. Next scan is at 28 weeks.

EllaNB Thu 08-Jun-17 19:32:29

Hi smile I am 28 weeks pregnant with MoDi twins. I honestly didn't feel regular movement until 24 weeks. I felt my first flutters at 22 weeks. Now at 28 weeks I feel movement every day. Try not to worry. Xx

MSH2010 Thu 08-Jun-17 19:53:40

Thank you xx
Boobs and bump are growing so thought it must be ok confusedblush

AnUtterIdiot Thu 08-Jun-17 19:56:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EllaNB Thu 08-Jun-17 20:36:02

Mish - I didn't even look pregnant until about 24 weeks! Just looked like I had over indulged. It's only now people are commenting on my bump.

Utter - sorry to hear that, hope you get the reassurance you need at the next scan and all is well. I didn't find out that I was having twins until my 12 week scan.

AnUtterIdiot Thu 08-Jun-17 22:42:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ellesbellesxxx Fri 09-Jun-17 05:25:45

My twins are 12 days old smile
Just to reassure I didn't feel proper movement until 23 weeks!
I got stressed Out about it but everything was perfect x

MSH2010 Fri 09-Jun-17 06:07:40

Thanks ella. I'm still getting away with some not being able to tell but it's won't be long until it's obvious

It's a shock when you find out. I discovered I was having twins at 8 weeks at an abortion clinic. I'm not ashamed to admit that. That and speaking to someone outside my friends and family helped me make my mind up to keep them. I'm keeping everything crossed for you xx

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Fri 09-Jun-17 06:37:51

MSH, I'm sitting here bouncing my 10 month old twins. Twin pregnancy is hard work but no words can describe the immense joy that comes with watching them grow and interact with each other. You've made a very brave decision. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well. Congratulations!

Alittlepotofrosie Fri 09-Jun-17 06:41:17

I've got 7mo twins and they're the best thing ever. Absolutely love having twins now although it did knock me for 6 to begin with! I love watching their bond develop.

Middleoftheroad Fri 09-Jun-17 06:45:50

Congratulations! My non id boys are 11 now.
I had no pregnancy symptoms at first and did not show until 24 weeks ot so. Flutters and movement also came late. I was repeatedly told that as I am short they were likely to run out of room and arrive early.....

In the end I had a planned section at 39 weeks (they still weren't showing any signs of wanting to come out though by then) and was 5ft1 in circumfrunce and height!

bambi2908 Fri 09-Jun-17 06:54:56

Hi @MSH2010!

24+6 with DCDA twins here, got another scan and consultant appointment today!

You're lucky you can still get away with not telling people, I look about 8months preg already and got a physio appointment next week as my back is killing me confused

I started showing at around 12/13 weeks and feeling movement at 17/18 weeks-everyone is different so don't panic.
Hope all goes well with your two smile

allegretto Fri 09-Jun-17 07:00:28

Hi - I felt my son at around 14 weeks but strangely I didn't feel my twins regularly until after 23 weeks. Good luck with your pregnancy, I hope everything goes well for you.

NoOneLikesACrispyTowel Fri 09-Jun-17 07:13:29

What does DCDA or MoDi twins mean?

Sorry for being nosey, hope you dont mind me asking.
Congrats on the twins everyone!

EllaNB Fri 09-Jun-17 07:29:33

I stole this off google as I wouldn't be very good at explaining;

*1.  Dichorionic/Diamniotic (di/di) twins.*  Di/di twins are the most common type of twins and the lowest risk.  Di/di twins can be identical if the egg split very early, but fraternal twins are always di/di.  In di/di twins, each twin has their own placenta and their own amniotic sac.  Di/di twin pregnancies have increased risks over singleton pregnancies, but this is the best case scenario in twin world.  The biggest worries tend to be going into preterm labor and making sure both babies are growing adequately.
*2.  Monochorionic/Diamniotic (mo/di) twins.*  This is what the Babies Blue are.  Mo/di twins share a placenta, but each baby has it’s own amniotic sac.  My doctors explained mo/di twin by saying they share a placenta and are in the same outer sac, but have a thin membrane dividing them which creates separate amnitoic sacs.  Mo/di twins are always identical, though there are some references to fused placentas, which can cause some confusion.  Mo/di twins are considered mid-risk in the twin world.  Anytime babies share a placenta, they are at risk for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), which basically means the blood and nutrients from one baby (the donor twin) are going through the placenta to the other twin (the recipient twin).  In the past, developing TTTS resulted in devastating prognoses, but in recent years, thanks to development of new procedures, twins with TTTS have a much better chance of survival if it is caught early.  My maternal-fetal medicine specialist told us that there is a 1 in 7 chance of mo/di twins developing TTTS.
3.  Monochorionic/Monoamniotic (mo/mo) twins.  This is the least common type of twins and the highest-risk type.  Mo/mo twins are always identical.  They have one placenta and one amniotic sac.  They have the same risk for TTTS that mo/di twins have, but they also have risks associated with being in the same amniotic sac.  Particularly, as the babies move around one sac, their umbilical cords can become entangled or compressed, which can result in one or both babies not receiving enough nutrients and blood.

Hope that helps explain smile

EllaNB Fri 09-Jun-17 07:36:01

Mish - well congratulations! I'm so happy they told you so that you could make the right decision for you smile I imagine that must have been a surprise. My pregnancy was not planned, I was just getting used to the idea of having one baby when I found out that I would be having 2! That aside, I wouldn't have it any other way, I really am so excited and overjoyed about my twin pregnancy!

Utter - I can understand your anxieties and wishing everything goes well. My. Twin pregnancy has flown buy to 28 weeks, I now have worries about preterm birth but I'm feeling well and scanned regularly so just take it week by week and hope they are comfortable and do not want to make an appearance to soon smile

penny14 Fri 09-Jun-17 08:23:34

Hello - thought of pop in to say hi. I've got 20 week old b/g twins & they are wonderful!

I was lucky that my I had a really easy pregnancy. I literally never had any symptoms to the point that going into my 12 week scan I was worried sick of hearing bad news...then was told we were expecting twins 🙆🏻 which shouldn't have been a shock given they run in my family but I thought that was an old wives tale!

I never felt movement until around 22 weeks & I would say it wasn't regular until around 26/27 weeks. Then towards the end it tailed off again...I think due to the lack of space. I also carried fairly small...I didn't start showing until around 26 weeks & people couldn't believe when I told them I was carrying twins right up until the end. In fact my neighbour said to me when I told him I only had a couple of weeks to go "but you're not even enormous!"

My advice to you would be to enjoy your pregnancy. In hindsight I realise I spent the whole time worrying about absolutely everything which was silly as we were all so healthy. I felt as though I couldn't

penny14 Fri 09-Jun-17 08:26:47

Oops - sent too soon...trying to tandem feed & type!

Just relax & enjoy it. It's amazing & I love being in the twin club! 👫

penny14 Fri 09-Jun-17 08:34:23

I should add that I had anterior placentas which cushioned the babies movements for me & meant that it was harder for me to feel the kicks.

OP - you may be the same? You could ask at your next growth scan.

salsasalsa Fri 09-Jun-17 15:51:52

Sorry to intrude... congratulations to everyone on their twin pregnancy journeys!
Just thought I'd jump in as not every day you come across a twin post!
I'm pregnant with twins - di/di they think, 10 weeks... completely off topic... did anyone else, seeing as you're mostly all so much further ahead, start showing at 10 weeks?! I'm 5'4 and normally a size 8, flat tum, and I am just SO round!!! Bloat or bump!?! I don't want to tell anyone until my 14 week scan!!! Xx

mammabear4 Fri 09-Jun-17 18:02:39

Hi another twin pregnancy here! DCDA or di/di.
@salsasalsa I'm also about 10 weeks - 9+5 - and oh my god I am massive. I'm usually a comfy size 12 and can't even wear size 14 jeans they're completely cutting in!! I have absolutely wolfed my way through mountains of food in the last 2 weeks but still!! Wearing maternity jeans as they're the only things I can wear comfortably 😳

EllaNB Fri 09-Jun-17 18:39:00

Hi Salsa,

I was a size 12 before, I didn't get massive at the beginning, I had a small belly any way and it didn't really form a 'baby bump' until about 20 - 22 weeks. At the beggining I put on weight everywhere and my hips widened loads but my stomach remained small.

I think everyone is different smile

NoOneLikesACrispyTowel Sat 10-Jun-17 08:46:48

Thank you! I learned something. :-D

PavoReal Sun 11-Jun-17 10:08:51

Mine are 5 now, throughout my entire pregnancy I was convinced the one at the bottom never moved. When you do feel movement, which one is it? I never figured it out and it left me really nervous all the time. They came out at 7lb 3oz and 6lb 14oz and totally fine smile

MinesaLattecino Sun 11-Jun-17 20:48:05

I think if you've got to nearly 23 weeks and feeling pretty good you're doign well! I vomited for 16 weeks, was Biblically tired, had about 3 weeks of feeling good, then my pelvis gave up the ghost and I was hobbling around with SPD before going into labour at 30 weeks! I gained a fair amount of week as I could only stomach very bland sweet food for a good while, and found that i was ravenously hungry bf'ing twins but my body clung onto weight until I stopped, by which point I was pretty much 2 dress sizes up from 2 years previously.

I did have bloody amazing hair and nails though (oddly).

Just take it really easy on yourself and eat as healthily as you can. My two are now 5 and, while still exhausting and exasperating, pretty darn brilliant.

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