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Trapped wind

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chelle85 Wed 07-Jun-17 14:32:06

Has anyone got any remedies for extremely painful trapped wind? I am 30 weeks and by this time everyday I feel like I am going to burst open there is that much pressure in my abdomen. Nothing seems to work for shifting it

LumpySpaceCow Wed 07-Jun-17 14:43:37

Peppermint tea x

chelle85 Wed 07-Jun-17 15:45:10

Will give it a go! Used to like peppermint tea but went right off it in first trimester and haven't tried it since but most of my aversions have gone now so hopefully it will work!

jmscp2015 Wed 07-Jun-17 16:33:31

It's not attractive but crouching and rocking always works for me, walking around afterwards smile

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