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Alt levels raised,itching, can't sleep

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Emmalou91 Sun 04-Jun-17 12:45:10

I'm 35 weeks pregnant, due to be booking a c section for 38 weeks, last week my ALT levels in my liver came back raised, im covered in a rash and can't stop itching 😭 are they likely to consider giving me my c section earlier say 37 weeks? I am in agony I can't sleep, my legs are bruised from where I've been scratching in the night!

EdgarAllenPoe Sun 04-Jun-17 16:09:23

I had very similar from 37 weeks. Kept getting tested for obstetric choleosis but my liver bile salts (or whatever they're called) were never quite high enough to act on. If they had been, they would have induced earlier than 41 weeks when I finally had him.

Don't suffer more than necessary. I had the rash on my legs, hands, bump, hips, between my fingers! I couldn't sleep and it drove me mad. My GP finally prescribed me some steroid cream which really helped, along with gallons of calamine lotion. I pretty much had to sob to get any help though, the midwife just suggested e45 which did nothing!

I hope it eases up for you. Mine disappeared as soon as I'd given birth, although I flaked for weeks!

Emmalou91 Sun 04-Jun-17 17:24:07

I'm being tested again Tuesday and have my consultant Wednesday, hopefully they won't leave me like this it's really effecting me now, they've prescribed Eurex cream which seems to work in the day but night time I am just constantly itching! It's so distressing especially having other children just makes me feel so useless to them at the moment! Hopefully will get somewhere this week the heat doesn't help either sad

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