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Help me decide a colour!

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JaneBanks Sun 04-Jun-17 11:56:43

I'm an extremely indecisive person but delighted that I have managed to choose a pram that suits our lifestyle/heights/home - icandy peach. But now I need help choosing a colour!

Which is your favourite out of
Truffle (grey)
Black magic (black w/ silver)
Royal (navy)

Thank you!

MidnightVelvetthe7th Sun 04-Jun-17 11:59:09

Truffle is my favourite out of those.

BertieBotts Sun 04-Jun-17 11:59:55

I like the navy.

In practical terms the grey will probably hide stains best.

BertieBotts Sun 04-Jun-17 12:00:52

Although, actually, it's quite a light grey, so perhaps a darker colour would be better. Is the bar on the navy one leather?

CatRash Sun 04-Jun-17 12:04:27


JaneBanks Sun 04-Jun-17 12:06:53

"Leatherette" I believe, Bertie. Thanks for votes already! I know though, talk about first world problems, but I'm just so bad at decision making. Baby due in 6 weeks as well so I've left it a bit late!! confused

n0ne Sun 04-Jun-17 12:14:53


Notsure1234 Sun 04-Jun-17 12:21:57

Love the grey but think the navy is more practical for hiding dirt etc. Also the leatherette handles and bumper bars are a bonus, ds bit through our foam ones!

Emma2803 Sun 04-Jun-17 12:23:03

I like the navy with the brown bar, looks very classy!!

QuestionARhino Sun 04-Jun-17 12:26:05

Truffle - grey is my favourite colour for pretty much everything

DoorKnee Sun 04-Jun-17 12:27:41

Navy! It's lovely and will his the dirt a lot better than truffle.

BobbleHat42 Sun 04-Jun-17 12:40:34

Truffle would be my 1st choice (it's lovely!) then navy 😊

CowParsleyNettle Sun 04-Jun-17 13:15:27

I've a different brand but it's black and grey, goes with everything and always looks pretty clean despite a muddy outdoor life

welshweasel Sun 04-Jun-17 13:17:30

The truffle looks filthy within about a week.

Mothervulva Sun 04-Jun-17 13:18:56

I've got the black one but bought second hand so no choice...

TeardropExplodes Sun 04-Jun-17 13:22:00

Ooh the navy one looks really classy.

considers another baby

MissObsessed Sun 04-Jun-17 13:31:05

Love the Navy one, especially with the brown bar

Eeeeek2 Sun 04-Jun-17 13:34:19


Julybug Sun 04-Jun-17 14:00:01

I love the Royal

Sparklyuggs Sun 04-Jun-17 14:06:59

Two friends have navy and it still looks good after heavy use.

BertieBotts Sun 04-Jun-17 14:19:58

Well, I suppose I meant are they wipe-clean or fabric smile Sticky handed toddlers you know!

ScarletSienna Sun 04-Jun-17 14:21:59

Not truffle-drab colour and would probably look mucky quickly!

Really like the navy and black is ok too.

JaneBanks Sun 04-Jun-17 18:44:50

Fab - thanks so much everyone and for advice re practicalities too. Much appreciated!

BeingATwatItsABingThing Sun 04-Jun-17 18:48:04

Love the grey.

That or black for me. Not wild on the blue with brown.

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