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Pregnancy worries and panics!!

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user1496571269 Sun 04-Jun-17 11:21:29

Ok I've recently discovered I'm pregnant (again) my first 3 pregnancies were perfect no.problems.... My 4th was born late and had neonatal sepsis so was quiet poorly and very small my 5th was born T 34 weeks... I didn't discover I was pregnant with her toll very late (in labour) again she was very small and also had time in the nicu with feeding issues and temperature problems.... Now I had a period last month (lost quiet big clots but clots can be normal for me) but over the last week my belly is rock hard (ya know that football in your womb feeling!!!) so I'm guessing I'm further! Going through a doctor for a scan can take upto a month so considering going not sure if having 6 pregnancies makes a difference to how soon your uterus 2 questions.....can it rise earlier and what's the chances of having another nicu stay?

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