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Cots/Snuzpod/Moses Basket

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babysurprise14 Sun 04-Jun-17 08:30:57

Pretty much it really as above! I'm a FTM due in September, just recently moved to a 1 bed house so not ideal but we have a large bedroom and plenty of storage.
My question is do I buy a cot to start with a Moses basket for the first 6 months, or a next to me crib which I will then have to buy a cot at 6 months.
So much choice I just don't know what is best?
I have been given a sleepyhead head so plan to use this to.
Would love to know what people buy.

Frillyhorseyknickers Sun 04-Jun-17 08:37:50

I'm also a FTM due in September. We're going to get a snuzpod and then a cot bed for the nursery when they're a bit bigger.

CrispyBathTowel Sun 04-Jun-17 08:42:07

I wouldn't waste money on a Moses basket - they're generally only useable for 6 weeks max and if you have a big baby you mightn't get any use out of it at all.

I used a snuzpod until 7 months and then moved DD into a cotbed after that.

I used a sleepyhead in the snuzpod and it fits fine. I never had the side down on the snuzpod though as my bed was too high. I just had it beside the bed.

babysurprise14 Sun 04-Jun-17 08:43:45

Ah thanks really helpful advice x

CrispyBathTowel Sun 04-Jun-17 08:44:01

Though, if you're using a sleepyhead I don't see why you couldn't just buy a cotbed and use it from the start if it fits in your bedroom.

Notyetthere Sun 04-Jun-17 08:44:29

For a 1 bedroom place I would go straight to a cot bed and maybe have a cocoonababy or sleepyhead inside the cot for the early months when they are so tiny. I would get the others as you will then need to store them afterwards taking up even more space.


babysurprise14 Sun 04-Jun-17 08:44:39

I was also thinking this as well!!

babysurprise14 Sun 04-Jun-17 08:46:26

Thanks Notyetthere yeah we are a little limited for space that's why I wanted to know what others do, hopefully we will be moving in a year or so!

CrispyBathTowel Sun 04-Jun-17 08:48:41

I your situation,I would definitely use cotbed with sleepyhead rather than buy a separate crib as well.

savagehk Sun 04-Jun-17 08:49:34

With my first i had a baby bay, turned out he slept infinitely better in bed with me rather than in the baby bay even though it was so close. He then went from my bed straight to a single at somewhere between 18/24m.

Don't spend too much money in something you won't necessarily use. Second hand on eBay etc is fine, but get a new mattress.
Having said that others swear by the snuzpod which I've not tried.

babysurprise14 Sun 04-Jun-17 08:50:32

Thanks crispybath towel yeah I think that's looking like a good idea! Really appreciate the advice.

kingfishergreen Sun 04-Jun-17 08:56:40

I must admit, I poo-poo'd the idea of a Moses basket. Like PPs have said they're only useful for a very short time.

My mum bought me one anyway and it was brilliant. Even if it only lasts six weeks, DD got a lot of sleep in it, and it was great to carry her around from room to room in it so she could be with us around the house. It was less than £30 from Tesco and I'd totally recommend it. DD also slept in the Moses basket placed in her Chicco Next To Me overnight.

See how you go, if push comes to shove and you feel the need for one you can probably get one delivered to the house within a couple of days anyway.

ColdCottage Sun 04-Jun-17 09:02:33

I had my son in this until 13 months.

Sleepyhead great for when small (if you don't share your bed with DP) or visiting friends

I wouldn't bother with a Moses basket

NoOneLikesACrispyTowel Sun 04-Jun-17 09:13:59

Forget about the Moses basket.

Mine lasted my son 6 weeks!

I'm going for a cot and that thing that goes inside with the rolled up edges. Snugglepod or something.

silkpyjamasallday Sun 04-Jun-17 09:18:49

We bought a snuzpod, it was used for maybe the first 2 and a half months before we ended up cosleeping. Bit of a waste of money. DD sleeps in a starfish position and if she can touch the sides of something she scratches it until it wakes her up. I wish I had just put a full sized cot up against the bed now as DD is getting too big to share with DP and I because of her starfish tendencies.

CrispyBathTowel Sun 04-Jun-17 09:21:32

Oh God yes, how could I have forgotten about the snuzpod scratching? grin I moved DD out of it at 7 months - not because she was too big for it but because the scratching used to drive me bonkers and wake me up. Can't remember what age she started it at though - maybe about 5/6 months.

calimommy Sun 04-Jun-17 09:37:29

You forgot to add 'Arms' to the title...because that's where my first two slept 🙄 better luck this time! 🤞

babysurprise14 Sun 04-Jun-17 10:03:33

Thanks everyone now off cot shopping with all this info! 😘

Sparklyuggs Sun 04-Jun-17 11:15:11

Depending on the pram you have, you can use the carrycot for sleeping instead of a Moses basket? I have an icandy and the carrycot is safe for overnight sleeping.

LittleL232 Sun 04-Jun-17 11:23:47

Arms, and then sleepyhead, then sleepyhead in a cot, sometimes still arms. Moses basket is now a toybox.

raviolidreaming Sun 04-Jun-17 11:35:15

We had a sleepyhead so just went straight for a cot bed. We used the carry cot from the travel system for downstairs naps.

Emma2803 Sun 04-Jun-17 12:32:54

Cot as opposed to cotbed (slightly smaller and has drop down side. Sleepyhead in cot, cot as close to your bed as possible, use the Sleepyhead on the sofa/floor for daytime sleeps.
Moses baskets really aren't that useful and bedside cribs are so expensive. We borrowed moses basket from my sister but like others only used for 6 weeks.
I wish I had a cot instead of a cotbed as it makes it easier leaning in to put baby in when you move Base to the lowest setting. Though again we got that given to us.

villainousbroodmare Sun 04-Jun-17 12:37:17

Cocoonababy v useful for moving around the house for daytime naps up to 3 months. V comfy. Then for night time, Sleepyhead in full sized cot with side off would be my recommendation.

ColdCottage Sat 10-Jun-17 09:30:24

What did you buy in the end out of interest?

Presh1234 Sat 10-Jun-17 10:00:50

FTM in Jan 2018 but am interested to know. Why do people not put baby in a normal cot from birth? Is it not safe? Sorry if this is a silly question!

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