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Choking while throwing up??

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Rosamond35 Thu 01-Jun-17 08:21:41

Morning sickness has now progressed to occasional vomiting, but I keep kind of gagging/swallowing as I'm doing it which means I keep choking when it's happening! This is not only completely gross, as I''m effectively swallowing some of it back down (sorry for tmi), but also alarming - this morning I was struggling to breath! I am coughing when this happens, which I assume means my airway isn't entirely obstructed during episodes, but does anyone have any tips for stopping this from happening??

10storeylovesong Thu 01-Jun-17 09:01:52

Avoid potatoes is my only tip. Absolutely awful when coming back up! I used to pick foods based on how easy they were to throw up - rice was always a winner.

Rosamond35 Thu 01-Jun-17 09:49:28

I don't think I could cope without potatoes. ..I think part of the problem is that I'm throwin up liquid! It's usually happening in the morning, when I first try to eat something. And weirdly it's biscuits that seem the worse. At one point this morning liquid seemed to be comin up without even heaving.

Pregnancy really is a beautiful time.

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