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High BMI and pregnancy

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Hotpinkangel19 Wed 31-May-17 10:34:01

Just that really.... has/is anyone going through this and can tell me what happens? Extra growth scan, GTT, 🙁 never had this before and I'm worried.

rightlittlered Wed 31-May-17 10:43:59

My BMI is 0.5% into the obese category apparently. I'm 5 foot 4 and a size 12 so was a bit shocked!!

I had 2 blood tests for GDD. Did have an extra growth scan at 28 weeks but was told that's because I've had problems with my placenta in my previous pregnancy.

Coincidentally, baby is measuring just above the 10th percentile so is quite small! My midwife scared me so much with GDD... told me to exercise regularly etc. I was doing 13,000 steps a day and REALLY watching what I was eating. Ended up going the other way and suffering huge bouts of hypoglycaemia. I'm consultant led due to mentioned past issues with my placenta and my constant shouted at me and told me to stop doing so much! Said any pregnant lady should be walking for 30 minutes per day, about 5 days a week.

Long story short, try not to worry. Eat sensibly, allow yourself a few treats here and there. If you do get GDD, you'll get lots of support :-).

Rockspin Wed 31-May-17 10:49:17

I had it with both my pregnancies.
With dd1 (now 3.5) I had extra scans/gtt which I failed and ended up with insulin managed gestational diabetes. I also had bad spd but nothing weight related. Diabetes was manageable and although I had lots of extra scans there were no issues and I was induced at 38 and had my daughter normally 2 days later. Very positive pregnancy and birth and just a little bit of guilt from consultant for being overweight (bmi 35) and anaesthetist had a few issues getting through right spot for epidual because of extra layers! It was lovely having the extra scans though, that was a definite positive. Baby was 6lb 4oz.

I've just had dd2 2 weeks ago. Again my bmi was 35 though I was fitter and healthier pre pregnancy this time. Again I failed gtt but this time gestational diabetes not at all manageable - lots of issues unfortunately. Also bmi put me at risk of dvt and I had symptoms so had to inject myself with fragmin which was horrid. Also had severe anaemia this time (though not weight related). I only put on 7lbs during this pregnancy as I ate very very well and tried to stay active. But unfortunately my placenta was failing at 37 weeks so baby was induced and born very quickly without an epidural and she was luckily fine (6lb 9oz) and neither her or her sister - or me - have any lasting blood sugar issues.

I don't know whether my weight influenced me getting the diabetes, but I know it didn't help matters once I had it. But apart from a few extra consultant appointments I don't think having a higher bmi would have been an issue if I hadn't failed the gtt. Lots of women with a high bmi don't fail the gtt too so don't worry too much.

rightlittlered Wed 31-May-17 10:51:28

Rockspin - That was a lovely response smile Very well said, too! x

AnUtterIdiot Wed 31-May-17 11:08:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DoctorDonnaNoble Wed 31-May-17 11:12:52

I keep being told by sonographers and the midwives that they don't believe how heavy I am and midwife seemed surprised when I said I'd need the GTT test again this time. I really am fat.
Had issues in delivery last time. They were all me, and I think related to asthma. As a 'fat' mum you definitely get extra monitoring and as I suffer from anxiety that's alright by me.

libm127 Wed 31-May-17 11:19:19

I am 38+5 with my first baby. My BMI was 37 at the start of my pregnancy. The worst thing, honestly, has been the shame I have been made to feel by the midwives - only in the community, though, the hospital midwives are lovely! I was told at my booking appointment that I should've been taking 5mg of folic acid daily, but I was already 10 weeks pregnant at that point and I knew from my own reading that the baby's neural tube had probably already closed. I was really freaked out and the midwife refused to provide any reassurance. That was really hard! So if your BMI is over 35, it's worth knowing that the official advice is to take 5mg of folic acid, although I didn't and I'm sure lots of other women don't either, because it's quite easy to miss the recommendation. I thought I had read the NHS advice online quite carefully and I missed it.

I was told by my original midwife that there was no chance at all that I'd be "allowed" to give birth at the birth centre. I was put on an obstetrician led pathway, because of my BMI (but I also have hypothyroidism, so this may have been a factor). By chance, I had a different midwife for one of my appointments about half way through my pregnancy and she told me that I did have a degree of choice and arranged for me to meet with the consultant midwife at the hospital, who agreed that I could use the birth centre if I wanted to. She explained that the only real risk in my pregnancy (given that I have been well) is shoulder dystocia (when the baby's shoulders get wedged during birth) and reassured me that they could get me to an obstetrician very quickly if need be. She also said that there is some evidence that you are less likely to have shoulder dissociate to begin with if you are in the birth centre because you are more mobile. So I'm really hoping that, providing I don't suddenly develop high BP or need induction, I'll be able to give birth at the birth centre. That's a long way of saying that you shouldn't feel like you have no choices just because you have high BMI!

I had terrible nausea weeks 6-16 ish, so I actually lost about 20lbs at the start of my pregnancy. As a result, I have only gained about 5lbs overall in the whole pregnancy so far. The sickness was awful but I am glad I haven't gained much weight. I've had a lot of back pain recently and I do wonder if that's because I started off heavier, but then lots of women with "normal" BMIs get back pain in late pregnancy too.

My GTT and every other test I've had in pregnancy has been totally normal. I had an extra growth scan at 36 weeks and the baby is absolutely at the 50th centile for everything. I didn't plan the pregnancy and probably would've wanted to lose some weight if I had been intending to get pregnant but I've been so pleasantly surprised by my body and how well it has coped. So don't worry at all - you'll be ok x

libm127 Wed 31-May-17 11:23:10

Oh, one other thing. I had to take aspirin weeks 12-36 because of risk of preeclampsia. BMI over 30 plus first pregnancy constitute two moderate risk factors. It's only 75mg a day and it was fine.

juneybean Wed 31-May-17 13:23:55

I'm TTcing with a bmi of 37 and am wondering where one gets the 5mg from if I do get my bfp? As they don't book you in until 8 weeks I think

Hotpinkangel19 Wed 31-May-17 13:43:50

Ladies, thank you so much for reassuring me, i thought it meant something awful would happen (Anxiety) I felt so awful being told my BMI is 35 and I'm officially 'fat'. I'm around 5ft 7. I've been a normal weight in past pregnancy so this really scared me. I really wanted to be at the birthing centre too so was upset about that too, although MW hasn't ruled it out. I'm nearly 9 weeks so still have time, I guess I just need to be sensible.

Lucinda15 Wed 31-May-17 13:46:45

I had BMI of 30 at conception. No one mentioned my weight at all but was sent for GTT at 28 weeks. consultant said due to history of PCOS although obviously the BMI must have been another factor (perhaps he was being polite!)

Anyway. I was borderline for gestational diabetes. I have been managing it well with diet alone and have not been made to feel guilty at all. Yes the BMI is a risk factor, but essentially, it's down to pregnancy related changes to how your hormones/insulin works. I know people with very high BMI that don't have gestational diabetes and people with low BMI that do. So don't worry yourself too much - it's not a guaranteed GD sentence!!

However - it's been quite a positive experience. Yes there are some serious sides to it, things to consider for my health and the baby. But as I said, I've managed well with diet alone, had brilliant care, regular scans and monitoring. And I'm following the GD diet (while a bit of a headache initially and annoying at times avoiding all the nice treats etc) I've actually stayed stable or lost weight during this pregnancy while baby has happily gained on a steady growth curve. Which has been good for my self esteem and our health.

But you may not get GD, and I would try not to worry uneccessarily. Like others have said, for now the best thing u can do is try to eat a balanced diet (allowing some treats as well!) and a little gentle exercise. Walking around the block after dinner is better than nothing.

Don't get too hung up on ur BMI. Just be sensible and you'll be fine.

Erinys Wed 31-May-17 13:58:54

I had a BMI of 35 with ds. I wasn't offered the GTT as they did some sort of test to check my blood sugar levels for the past three months at booking and it came back within well within normal. I didn't develop gestational diabetes.

I wasn't offered aspirin but was given a higher dose of folic acid.

Was referred to a consultant who took one look at me, said I'd got a long way to go til I was overweight and discharged me back to midwifery led care.

I had an extra scan at 35 weeks which I think was to see what size the baby was, but the sonographer refused to estimate weight.

I didn't gain any weight during pregnancy partly due to morning sickness.

Until ds had other ideas, there wasn't any issues with me delivering on the MLU (although attached to the hospital) and they were happy for me to get in the pool.

libm127 Wed 31-May-17 19:06:05

@juneybean, this is part of the problem - I don't think you can buy 5mg folic acid tablets! The best thing would probably be to go to your doctor, explain that you are TTC and ask for the folic acid now on prescription so you can start taking it in advance.

honeysucklejasmine Wed 31-May-17 19:17:20

My trust doesn't prescribe high dose folic acid as they don't think it's necessary.

In my first pregnancy I had a GTT (passed) and growth scans (lovely to have extra scans post 20 weeks). I have other complications besides my weight but absolutely no issues in pregnancy at all. Sailed through, except for the relentless "morning" sickness. Had to have fragmin injections afterwards but only because I had a spinal block so wasn't fully mobile in labour.

Now on second pregnancy. Have to have two GTTs this time (familial risk factors have changed), so I have passed one and have another in 7 weeks time. Again I will have extra scans (woo!) but so far so good, no complications at all. If anything, my blood pressure is too low.

One of the consultants I see is a bit of a cow in that she seems disappointed that I am suffering no ill effects from my weight. I swear she is upset every time I don't get diabetes.

libm127 Thu 01-Jun-17 09:56:28

@honeysucklejasmine I know what you mean, there is one particular community midwife who DEFINITELY wants me to have complications! She's always commenting on my weight and expresses mild surprise when my BP is fine.

I keep reminding myself that weight is just one of those issues that some people can't seem to get over...

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