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Felt a flutter at 16 weeks and now nothing?!!!

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user1490521163 Wed 31-May-17 10:17:56

I'm 18 + 5 weeks pregnant and it's my first pregnancy. I am so sure I felt a flutter at 16 weeks, it was unlike anything I had felt before, kind of like bubbles popping? Anyway that week I also heard the heartbeat so both of those combined put my mind at ease! But now I haven't felt anything since. I know its still quite early days but I thought I would feel more now? I have my 20 week scan in just over a week and I'm so scared already! Am I being silly to worry or should I ask my midwife about it now?

EsmesBees Wed 31-May-17 10:25:52

They are still really tiny at that age, so I wouldn't be worried. Lots of women don't feel any movement at all for a while yet, and if you haven't had your 20 wk scan you probably don't know where your placenta is (which can affect how much you feel). However, there is never any harm in asking questions, so do contact the midwife if you are fretting.

rach217 Wed 31-May-17 11:02:33

I'm 18+5 with my first pregnancy as well, I have felt odd flutters but it's been a while since. My sister has 2 children and teaches antenatal classes so it's normal to only feel odd ones at first. They may be few & far between as baby is still so tiny, but I totally understand your concern as I still feel the same. I am 2 weeks away a from my next scan and hope to feel a few more movements before then. If you are really concerned though I would speak to your midwife, even if just for reassurance - that's what they are there for xxx

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