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First baby and ELCS

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THirdEeye Wed 31-May-17 07:43:36

I'm under a consultant and at a recent appointment was told that I would need to have extra scans to check on the babies growth/placenta and also would need a ELCS at 38/39 weeks.

I was expecting it due to some gyno ops I have had previously (they are concerned about the pregnancy putting a strain on an already weakened uterus).

I wondered what I can expect.

Sparklyuggs Wed 31-May-17 08:40:39

I'm not much help as I'm 31+5 but my growth scans are 26, 30, 34 and 38 weeks and I'm planning an ELCS at 39 weeks date TBC due a health condition. The scans are to take measurements and track the growth, I like seeing the baby and luckily he's been consistent on the percentiles so far.

ELCS wise if you search on here there's a lot of information about it but the general consensus is the recovery is better than from an emergency c section because it's you haven't been in labour, and an EMCS is generally only done if something is wrong. I felt a bit guilty/disappointed but I've come to terms with it as it's safest for me and my baby and that's what matters.

Lunalovepud Wed 31-May-17 15:35:04

I had an ELCS due to Preeclampsia and it was fine... In terms of what to expect, this was my experience.

You don't eat or drink anything apart from water from the night before and then on the day you go to the hospital, get admitted etc and they will come and collect you when there is a theatre space. I walked to the theatre rather than being wheeled in but I think this varies depending on the hospital.

When you get there, there will be loads of people clanking about and checking stuff and then the anaesthetist will give you a spinal while you hug a cushion and sit really still (doesn't hurt) and then they do loads of checks to make sure you can't feel anything from the chest down.

Once this is all done the surgeons get on with the section! It is a strange sensation because you don't feel any pain but you feel that there are things going on. The baby came out relatively quickly for me - about 10 minutes tops. You feel pressure on your stomach and then that's it! Hello baby!

As soon as he was out the surgeon showed him to me over the screen. My DC screamed his head off as soon as he was out but not all section babies cry straight away - the midwife will be checking the baby and will tell you everything that he or she is doing. Then they bring you the baby while they are putting everything back together. The stitches etc took about 30 minutes.

You then go to recovery for obs and then to the ward.

After the op - take all the drugs you are offered. No point trying to be a hero. I was up within 24 hours, shuffling really slowly and up and about relatively normally after 3 days. Keep on top of your meds and take it as easy as you can.

Tie a dressing gown cord to the end of your bed to help you sit up and get out of bed.

Hug yourself if you need to cough or sneeze.

If there is a reclining chair in your hospital, I found it more comfortable to sleep in there when I was up and about - easier to get in and out of to see to the baby.

Recovery was fine - I felt back to normal within a fortnight but I think that's because I rested as much as I could and took my meds.

Hope that helps and good luck with everything.

CarraigAlasdair Wed 31-May-17 15:51:44

Excellent comprehensive advice from Luna above.

I was due for an elective section but went into Labour in the middle of the night 3 days before my date. Had been told to call delivery unit if that happened. I had been progressing quite rapidly and contractions were 4 mins apart when I called unit (had only tarted 30mins earlier!). It was thankfully very straightforward. When I told them I was an elective section they told me to come straight in. Checked me over on arrival. Had on call anaesthetic reg and obstetric reg come see me within the hour and in theatre another hour after that.

Husband got to stay with me for everything except the spinal being put in. Spinal was a slight nip as the local went in but amazing when it took away the contraction pain! You do feel a bit of pushing and tugging during the section but not uncomfortable. Baba was out very quickly in my case too, within 6 mins! Held up for us to say hello then a quick run down and weighing by the midwife before being out on my chest for snuggles. I breast fed whilst being sutured up which took about 30 mins.

Was up and about after 24 hours. First time getting up is very sore (take whatever analgesia you are offered!) but improved very quickly. By day 5 I was just needing paracetamol and by 2 weeks no painkillers at all. Had to have Dalteparin (heparin) injections due to having briefly been in labour before section but shouldn't need them for an elective section.

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