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Feeling confused! HG in second pregnancy has

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Barmaid101 Tue 30-May-17 23:11:50

This is my second pregnancy and I am approx 7-8 weeks pregnant. I am due a dating scan on Thursday (due to two bleeds in my last cycle)

My first pregnancy I suffered badly with HG which resulted in a few hospital admissions from 7 weeks and I was medicated up until the birth. This pregnancy I have been prescribed cyclizine pre-emptively. I was feeling worse and worse by the day with a few days of vomiting leading up to last Saturday, after this is then died down and feeling normal had returned

But what has me worried is I'm now feeling fine no nausea etc and it has me really worried. Today I even cut back on the cyclizine just to see if it had been that being successful which was helping me feel normal.

I know having HG in your first pregnancy doesn't mean you will get it in the next but previous to being pregnant I tried to go on the pill and three different tablets gave me severe morning sickness with one hospitalising me just like the first time I was hospitalised in my pregnancy so it's expected as that is how I react to more hormone.

Could this be an indication that this may not be a successful pregnancy?
Has anyone else experienced this? I know I have the dating scan on Thursday and in my head I'm going to hear bad news.

calimommy Wed 31-May-17 06:47:56

I guess it could be 50/50. Since you were feeling sick and it's now passed it could be a negative sign, but in all honesty there's no way of knowing until your scan. I hope it's just a better pregnancy, fingers crossed. They are all different. I would have swore this was a girl because it was so different to my two boys but it's actually another boy.

Rockandrollwithit Wed 31-May-17 06:59:49

I just had normal sickness in my first pregnancy but I've had HG in this one, been hospitalised a few times. The baby is the same gender as last time and both are healthy pregnancies.

Try not to worry too much, every pregnancy is different.

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