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Shared parental leave confusion

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ConfusedaboutSPP Tue 30-May-17 20:42:50

I'm currently pregnant with second baby and whilst I'm predominantly a SAHM I also do occasional freelance work and think I might be eligible for Maternity Allowance.

Given my partner works full time, this means we will be eligible to take advantage of shared parental leave. We did this with our first baby (when I was working) and it worked really well so would like to do this again. However, I can't figure out for the life of me how Shared Parental Pay works. He would like to take 1 month off when baby is first born and a further 6 weeks around 5 months after this. No-one seems to answer the question of how much we will be paid though during this time (i.e. will my maternity allowance stop when he takes his SPL and then we will get paid in accordance with his company policy on shared parental leave, or will we only get maternity allowance / does it depend at what point he takes his shared parental leave weeks?).

Sorry, I realise I have written a very confused question there, but am basically just wondering if anyone can explain their experience to shed any light on this, or point me to where I can get an answer, the HMRC online page is just sending me round in circles and I can never get through on the phone?!

wen4567 Tue 30-May-17 20:54:50

My DH took shared parental leave when our ds was 5months old.
He only had 4weeks though which was taken off the end of my mat leave so I got only got 8months paid leave. He was then paid via his employee during the time he was off in line with their policy, so we were both paid mat pay/ shared parental leave at the same time.
The paperwork was a nightmare and we were really confused because I basically had to "end" my mat leave and was then on "shared parental leave" for the remainder of the time I was off. The gov website doesn't make it clear at all

confusedat23 Tue 30-May-17 20:55:12

Hey just a suggestion but could be wrong... maybe try the CAB online chat function they may be able to suggest the best way to split your leave financially etc

arbrighton Tue 30-May-17 20:56:39

As I understand it, it would only apply if you had statutory maternity leave rights i.e. in employment as you would have to end your mat leave early for him to take remaining time at the pay rate.

THis might help:

arbrighton Tue 30-May-17 20:58:45

should have read it before posting- possible your DH can do it, if he passes the earnings/ employment requirements but you'd have to give up Mat allowance (which is a pittance for SE anyway it seems, based on my 'award')

ConfusedaboutSPP Tue 30-May-17 21:21:21

Thanks for the replies! Arbrighton that's the bit that's confusing me most, last time I ended my maternity but then started SPL, but as self employed it looks like I just have to end it full stop. In which case I guess it will depend entirely on what his company policy is, I know their maternity policy is a generous 6 months fully paid, so if their SPL policy is similar it makes sense for him to take the time off and for me to give up the small maternity allowance. We are trying to get some answers from his HR department but they seem as confused as we are...

We still can't figure out at all how they worked it out last time, we had to fill out a million different forms and our payslips are just showing random figures which seem almost plucked out of the air they're so inconsistent. I love the concept of SPL, but surely if it's going to work people need to be able to work out what money they will actually have to live on. It feels like they made the system deliberately complicated and confusing to try and discourage people using it. Sorry for the rant! Good suggestion confused I will try CAB and see if they can help.

arbrighton Tue 30-May-17 21:53:08

To be honest, if it's as pitiful as my mat allowance seems to be (although I don't do many hours and hence don't pay masses of NI), if you can get his company to work it out, you'll be better off.

I just mentioned it to my DH as it hadn't occurred to me that this would even be an option but as he has plenty of leave to use up this year, we'll probably stick with that rather than try and negotiate this minefield :/

Sunshinegirl82 Wed 31-May-17 07:24:34

SPL is fairly complicated, whoever wrote the regulations must have been having an off day!

Bottom line is that you will need to get your hands on your dh's company's spl policy (if one exists) before you'll be able to work anything out.

If its statutory then you get the 39 paid weeks to split between you so you can take them at the same time or at different times but the total amount of SPL you get will not be more than 39 weeks.

I hope your dh's HR team come up with something soon!

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