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Bump not grown in 3 weeks, having emergency scan and worried...

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MotherofKitties Tue 30-May-17 17:16:55

As the title says, I measured 28 at 28 weeks, and I've measured 28 again, this time at 31 weeks (first baby)

Midwife says baby is lying head down but kind of diagonally across so her bum/legs aren't right underneath my ribs, and she has booked me in for a scan tomorrow.

I'm now worrying she isn't growing properly as 3 weeks is a long time to not see any growth in the bump sad She moves a lot (had no sleep from 4am this morning because she was moving so much!) and her heartbeat was fine and my bloods/blood pressure/urine checks all came back fine today but I now can't stop worrying...

... has anyone else been through/going through a similar thing? Is there anything I can do to make she grows bigger? How did it turn out? Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated xx


daisygirlmac Tue 30-May-17 17:21:26

I don't have any advice but didn't want to read and run, it's so worrying isn't it when things like this happen. One thing I do know is that measuring your bump is REALLY inexact and in fact one of my midwives said to me that she isn't unduly bothered about bump measurements as long as baby is moving well. They'll do the scan and if there's any concerns at all about baby's size they will continue to monitor you.

Moomin37 Tue 30-May-17 17:28:04

Hello smile My bump measurements were static / only marginally increasing for several weeks but everything was fine. I had several growth scans which all showed baby as being spot on (they measure three things - think it was femur, stomach and head). Like you I was also worried but if the heartbeat is strong, you're feeling lots of movement and you're generally well then the chances are your baby is absolutely fine. Lots of people seem to go through this (bump measuring small but then growth scans show all is well) and I'm struggling to think of a story I've read where the scan didn't show that the baby's growth was on track. I'm on the slim side so the midwife said that if the growth charts took stature into account then I wouldn't have measured small. I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry flowers

Barbie1 Tue 30-May-17 17:28:31

I had my first two dc in the Middle East where they didn't measure the bump for this very reason. I would have a scan each appointment to see the babies position etc. Dd was still measuring 28 weeks at 34 weeks. Went for regular monitoring but all was ok. She was born at 40 plus one at a tiny 5lbs but perfect. Try not to get too caught up in worrying. Could be a perfectly simple explanation.

FeelingForSnow Tue 30-May-17 17:39:58

I measured exactly the same. I was then going for regular growth scans till week 37 and was induced on my due date.

My baby measured small on scans but she was still growing on or under the 10th centile.

I did regular CTGs in between scans. From what I understand there isn't anything you can do to make it better. The only thing you can do and sound like you already are doing it is monitor baby's movements.

There might be many reasons why baby is small and sometimes they do not know why as not all problems can be picked up on US scans.

All my scans showed no problems whatsoever.

After the birth my MW asked if I was a smoker and if I smoked during pregnancy. I found that slightly insulting tbh but she said that my placenta was gritty and looked like a smokers placenta and it was also small in size.

Another explanation for it could be that it aged a lot sooner. These are type of things scans might not he able to pick up.

Also, it might be that even though your bump hasn't grown the baby has and it will all be alright.

My DD was born 6lb1oz but perfect otherwise.

Hope it all works out for you and your baby xxx

adlertippa Tue 30-May-17 17:45:15

I had exactly this recently, I was measuring ahead then exactly the same 3 weeks later. I refused a growth scan as I was feeling lots of movement and know that the scans are inaccurate... got measured again last week and I'm back on track. These were measurements at 29/32/35 weeks if that helps.

How are foetal movements? I couldn't get too worried due to how much wriggling was going on in there smile looking back the baby moved into a head down position before the no-growth measurement, before that they had been lying eight across my belly making me look massive.

I know it's not much use saying don't worry too much, but do know that it's pretty common and that bump measurements aren't precise. Even when you have a growth scan it's all quite inaccurate. All the best x

adlertippa Tue 30-May-17 17:46:01

Sorry, just reread your post and saw you've had good movement, that's brilliant smile

MotherofKitties Tue 30-May-17 18:28:52

Thank you so much for your replies, I really appreciate your comments and experiences!

Baby is definitely a mover; she keeps me awake her movements are so strong, and when they checked her heartbeat this afternoon the midwife was happy with it.

From what you've all said, it sounds like the bump measuring just causes unnecessary worry! I work with a lady who has the opposite problem, she was measuring too big and she didn't have GD or anything, and when her baby was born he was an average 7lb, so based on what you've said it sounds like you shouldn't place too much emphasis on it if baby is moving and the heartbeat is ok...

Thank you for your reassurances, fingers crossed for the scan tomorrow... flowers

Tiberius12 Tue 30-May-17 18:34:47

My bump pretty much stopped growing at 35 weeks, I was scanned at 38 weeks and told the baby was fine and would be approx 9lbs when born. 1 week later I went into labour and the midwives didn't believe I was 39 weeks as my bump was too small. My dad was born a healthy 8lb 5

gamerpigeon Tue 30-May-17 18:38:59

I was consistently told my bump was too small / hadn't grown and was referred for growth scans repeatedly - I had a 7 lb 12 oz baby in the end! The tape measure method seems super unreliable to me, please don't worry.

flumpybear Tue 30-May-17 18:42:50

Yes I think it's an inexact science- just enjoy seeing your baby scan wink

MrsBartlettforthewin Tue 30-May-17 18:57:48

Hello no advice however a comforting story. I had this with DS2 measuring 34 and 38 was. Had scan and all was fine perfectly on track and 6lb 13 at birth 40+2. The tape measure method isn't completely reliable try not to over think it. Are you still feeling lots of wriggles?

Can't promise everything will be fine but can give you these flowers and my positive thoughts.

MotherofKitties Tue 30-May-17 19:42:18

Hearing so many positive comments has really helped me calm down, thank you for all your comments and retelling your experiences!

Baby is kicking as I type and she's always been active since I first started feeling her movements, so even though bump hasn't grown in 3 weeks, all of your positive experiences and her frequent movements is making me feel so much more positive! Thank you for all your kind comments smile Xx

vickifaith Tue 30-May-17 19:46:02

I have had slow growth with my baby. She's around the 10th centile. Saw my consultant last week and he is amazing, just said as long as blood flow through umbilical cord and placenta is working then that's the main thing- then said I'll see you in 4 weeks for a growth scan when I'll be 33 weeks! Try not to worry - your movement sounds fab! Babies go through growth spurts at different times xx

Applesandpears23 Tue 30-May-17 19:51:49

When my baby was lying across my midwife didn't even bother measuring my belly. She said there was no point as the reading wouldn't tell us anything as baby was growing across me not pushing the uterus up. Try not to worry. I am sure it will be fine.

BendingSpoons Tue 30-May-17 19:58:05

Adding my story, my bump got further behind, so near the end I was measuring 6 weeks behind and at one point it shrunk. DD was 8lb2oz at 41 weeks. My midwife said body shape has a lot to do with it e.g. I am tall so space for baby to go. Your bump can grow sideways etc. Good luc for the scan but chances are it's fine, they just prefer being cautious.

Moomin37 Tue 30-May-17 22:40:22

So glad you're feeling better and all the best for tomorrow smile

calimommy Wed 31-May-17 06:52:03

My uterus is tilted backwards, you can see it clearly curve into my abdomen on us, so measuring the uterus is pretty useless. Eg at 16 weeks she measured it 16 weeks but then at 22 weeks it apparently still measured 16 weeks... this was immediately following my anomaly scan which measured baby at 22 weeks. I think it's a waste of time tbh.

furryelephant Wed 31-May-17 07:00:39

My bump supposedly shrank from 28-34 weeks hmmeven by looking at it it certainly didn't! Had an emergency scan and baby was bang on 50th centile, came out 7lb7 smileas pp said, it's a very inaccurate way of estimating growth!

Moomin37 Thu 01-Jun-17 14:43:39

Any update OP? Hope all is ok flowers

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