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First Time Pregnancy (3)

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QuestionARhino Tue 30-May-17 10:47:15

Oops time for a new thread. Hope you all find it okay grin

@lydiangel83 I'm nearly 26 weeks, it was probably 20ish weeks when it improved because I remember I first felt baby move at 18 weeks and I was sleeping in the spare room because I was so fidgety and frustrated that night so it was after 18 weeks!

@Bubbasmama2017 ^^

Bubbasmama2017 Tue 30-May-17 10:57:53

thanks for setting up the new thread!
I hope I feel it soon I think it will give me the reassurance I need.

QuestionARhino Tue 30-May-17 11:00:10

Remind me how many weeks you are? Have you had first scan and heard heartbeat?

ew1990 Tue 30-May-17 11:02:08

Found it x

Victoriaaaaaaaa Tue 30-May-17 11:08:13

found it!

i was getting worried lol

Bubbasmama2017 Tue 30-May-17 11:09:53

@QuestionARhino I'm 15+3 today had 2 scans already and got another private one booked today cos I'm so anxious. I've heard the heartbeat on the 7 week private one.

QuestionARhino Tue 30-May-17 11:14:16

@Bubbasmama2017 if your pregnancy is normal and it high risk so far (forgive me if you've already said, my memory is awful; baby brain is no joke!), then they say up to 25% chance of miscarriage in first trimester. This drops to something like 5-3% once you've seen or heard the heartbeat, and down to about 1% at about 16-18 weeks. Learning those figures certainly helped ease my mind.

What worries you most? First pregnancy anxieties or have you have difficulties with past pregnancies or with this one (personal question I know - absolutely no obligation to divulge any information! Just want to help you feel less anxious if I can!)

ew1990 Tue 30-May-17 11:20:57

@Bubbasmama2017 I know how you feel - I have no reason to worry yet I'm constantly panicking that babies gone, I think it's because it took us 2 years to conceive and I was beginning to think it was never going to happen, I've got my 16 week appointment tomorrow with midwife to hear heartbeat so hopefully that puts my mind at ease xx

Bubbasmama2017 Tue 30-May-17 11:24:05

@QuestionARhino no this is my first pregnancy, we had only been TTC for a couple of weeks and it all happened quite quickly which is lovely but I think its made me think it all seems a bit too good to be true, I've stopped watching One born and googling things which is helping because you always get the worst case scenarios when you do that. so far ive had no issues with bleeding, I've had morning sickness, cramps and some bad IBS/bloating which has contributed to the pains I feel I think. then I get worried its something more sinister. I'm a worrier anyway and the pregnancy has just added to it.

QuestionARhino Tue 30-May-17 11:40:17

@Bubbasmama2017 TTC is different for everyone! I had someone who would ask me every month for an update because she fell pregnant first time every time. You get some people who fall pregnant from one night stands. My mum took 6-7 years to conceive her first, not for any health reasons it just took that long. After that she had 3 more and all of us are 2 years apart!

I know what you mean though, I'm a worrier and do occasionally get really anxious though pregnancy seems to have put an end to my anxieties funnily enough. I'm lucky in that I'm part of a clinical study and therefore have more ultrasounds than on the NHS, but you're in second trimester now, a few more weeks and you'll already be half way! grin a couple of weeks and hopefully you'll start to feel movement! That's exciting and will no doubt put your mind at rest. The movement won't be daily to begin with but the frequency will increase until about 28 weeks I think when it levels off. If you're ever worried about anything speak to your midwife, you won't be the most anxious mumma they've ever met I bet!

I wouldn't recommend a Doppler though if you've ever considered it, it's hugely tempting but I spoke to my MW about it and she said she sees mum's who come in frequently panicking because they cant find the heartbeat and expect the worst but it always ends up that baby is fine they were just looking in the wrong place or baby is in a difficult position. I think it would personally make me more stressed and anxious. Even though the logical part of my brain would be saying "it's okay, it's probably just hard to find" I'd probably have a meltdown expecting the worst and feeling pretty sheepish when MW finds the heartbeat in no time and sends me on my way again.

Are any friends of yours pregnant? I found it helped a huge deal having someone going through the same things as me, and feel fortunate that we're 7 weeks apart and 4 weeks apart between the 3 of us. That's why I think mumsnet has been a lovely discovery because there's so many people who know exactly what you're going through! My DP has been lovely from day one but it still felt a little lonely there for a while

Victoriaaaaaaaa Tue 30-May-17 11:45:33

my boss now knows i am pregnant lol.

came back to work today after being on holiday (looking so poorly lol) and boss casually asked if i was ok and then joked if i was pregnant lol. I couldn't say no!

She was really happy actually (she's going to tell my boss who happens to be her husband lol)

QuestionARhino Tue 30-May-17 11:49:31

@Victoriaaaaaaaa yay that's great! Must be a relief to have it in the open? Hope everyone's super nice about it!

Bubbasmama2017 Tue 30-May-17 11:57:06

thanks for your advice @QuestionARhino I do have a friend who is pregnant too so that helps a lot. Mumsnet has definitely helped!!
I'll speak to the midwife this afternoon and see if she can give me any more ways of being reassured.
I was tempted to get a Doppler but like you say hearing that people can't find it etc. plus trying to remember that people 30 years ago didn't have proper scans or any of this technology and babies were still born healthy.

Victoriaaaaaaaa Tue 30-May-17 12:13:50

@Bubbasmama2017 i can completely relate to you - you're not the only one!!

Victoriaaaaaaaa Tue 30-May-17 12:23:48

i'm really tempted with an early scan - are they safe?

ew1990 Tue 30-May-17 12:27:37

@Victoriaaaaaaaa course! I had one at 6 weeks due to pain and one at 10 weeks due to bleeding, how far along are you again? Xx

Victoriaaaaaaaa Tue 30-May-17 12:44:45

@ew1990 between 6 and 7 weeks now xx

ew1990 Tue 30-May-17 12:48:07

When I was 6 weeks I had to have an internal scan, a probe up the vagina, but don't worry it doesn't hurt at all, if I was you I'd wait till I was about ten weeks if it's just for reassurance, at ten weeks mine was kicking about it was surreal to see, here's my 6 week and ten week scans you can see the difference massively

ew1990 Tue 30-May-17 12:48:38

Sorry the ten week ones a bit blurry xx

Victoriaaaaaaaa Tue 30-May-17 12:58:39

@ew1990 i've put down a date waiting for them to get back to me 17th June. Only one near me and it's £80.

ew1990 Tue 30-May-17 13:00:27

I had mine on nhs coz of the pain and bleeding, when I'm about 30 weeks I'm gunna get one of them 4d ones xxx

mrsjkerry Tue 30-May-17 14:30:40

Ahh I just made a new one as couldn't see this!!

Thank God I found it 😊

Victoriaaaaaaaa Tue 30-May-17 14:43:17

quick question ladies.

hair dying? i was told that you can't do it during pregnancy?

is this true? i just can't believe it - highlights don't touch the scalp.
i normally get highlighted blonde.

ew1990 Tue 30-May-17 15:29:11

@Victoriaaaaaaaa I had mine highlighted last week my hairdresser said it was fine, but I was 16 week I hadn't had it done for About 11 week because I wanted to wait till I was In the second trimester but apparently it's ok coz like you said it doesn't touch the scalp, mine normally takes about an hour coz I'm so dark but it was fine after about 20 minutes, something to do with hormones xx

Jessiecat27 Tue 30-May-17 15:33:03

It's fine to dye your hair! Just make sure the room is ventilated in case the fumes make you feel sick or dizzy!

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