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Baby movement 29+6

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Walks20 Mon 29-May-17 17:34:07

Hey everyone; probably just a paranoid ftm but I have a question about baby's movement.

Up until about 6 days ago my baby was so active, she did flips and made my whole stomach move and now although she's still moving it's very small movements like the ones I felt at 20 weeks.

I went to the hospital yesterday and had bands put around my stomach and after an hour a midwife said I was okay and that I could go. I told her that the movements weren't normal for my baby still but she didn't really acknowledge what I'd said.

I know I'm young and inexperienced but I can't shake the feeling something is wrong, I've booked a well being scan for this week but was wondering if any of you ladies had similar experiences or advice.

Thank you in advance x

Blisss Mon 29-May-17 17:38:06

Always follow your gut, you have to keep on and on at hospitals sometimes.

Hope all is well

chelle85 Mon 29-May-17 21:10:12

It doesn't sound like they gave you much reassurance so I would definitely follow it up

That said there is getting to be less and less room now that baby is getting bigger for big flips and movements so the smaller movements may not be a cause for concern at all. Also movements can feel different depending on position of baby. I can feel big kicks at the front some days but when he is facing other way it is more like little flicks.

But I do think you need that reassurance from your midwife

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