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Piles and restless legs

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Teabagtits Sun 28-May-17 19:51:29

At 35 weeks my body is conspiring against me.

I have squishy never ending poo. Horrific piles (I think two are thrombosed) and restless legs. Lying down helps the pile pressure but causes the restless legs to kick in (even during the day). Sitting up and moving helps rls but not the piles and still the poo keeps coming. I was promised constipation. I feel cheated sad

I've tried magnesium for the rls, I've got steroid pile cream and have been bathing after ever bm but it's only temporary help.

Anyone got any tips on dealing with piles or restless legs or incessant pooing toothpaste?

mummy2pickle Sun 28-May-17 20:54:53

I'm in a similar situation, I'm 34 weeks pregnant and now everything seems to if come at once. Piles are horrendous at moment and I've never poo'd so much either. I use a cream from doctor and preparation h wipes to ease the pain. I've bought a rubber ring to sit on too as the pain is unbearable at times. I have found that they are really bad for a week then improve and then worsen again and more seem to appear. And as for restless legs I just have to move or elevate when sitting.
May not be able to provide and advice but can sympathize with you. I don't want pregnancy to end but don't enjoy what comes with it and as for the aftermath of labour I'm concerned!!

Smurfy23 Sun 28-May-17 23:18:37

I had restless leg for a few weeks- hot baths at the end of each day (and sometimes first thing too)..however now the RLS has been replaced at 37 weeks with swollen feet/cankles and a rash up to my calf on both legs which has baffled both my MW and GP. In short Ive never felt so attractive!!

Teabagtits Mon 29-May-17 10:01:31

Sympathy to you both! It's horrible. I can't wait for this pregnancy to end as it's my last and I'll never have to go through this hell again.

arbrighton Mon 29-May-17 14:48:36

I have restless legs, with cankles too

I've found electrolyte sports drink it helping- as in the difference between getting off to sleep or apparently not at all.

user1488270932 Mon 29-May-17 21:25:15

Can I ask you what magnesium shop you are using??
If it's magnesium oxide then dump it. It will give you the shits.
Better with any chelated magnesium ( citrate, or any others that end with 'ate')
Solgar or Lamberts do good ones.
Try the better you bedtime magnesium spray , Holland and barretts sell it. Literally spray on at bedtime and get into bed. Really Good! I was admitted to hosp with hg with my ds. I had no vits with me that first night and fuck me the rls was awful!! So glad when dp brought stuff in for me.

user1488270932 Mon 29-May-17 21:25:40

*supp. Stupid fone

Teabagtits Tue 30-May-17 15:50:18

It's magnesium maleate I'm using. I've heard about the spray but h&b didn't have any when I looked on Sunday sad

Teabagtits Tue 30-May-17 15:51:05

What electrolyte sports drink? Wouldn't that be adding more sugar & energy at bedtime?

arbrighton Tue 30-May-17 16:05:24

Hi5 zero so sugar free and I put one tablet in about 3/4 pint water about an hour ish before bed.

Definitely the difference for me. BUt I've currently got feet up for the cankles so not going to check what's in there, on the packet, will let you know later

arbrighton Tue 30-May-17 17:09:35

Magnesium carbonate in the hi5

libm127 Tue 30-May-17 17:10:46

The magnesium thing is definitely true - I would stay away from any kind of oral magnesium. You can get the Better You spray on Amazon.

Calcium supplements can block you up - try the chewable kind.

arbrighton Tue 30-May-17 19:45:13

However, there is peer reviewed scientific evidence that oral magnesium actually helps restless legs....
And I can say that personally, not getting the runs from it here....

CaipirinhasAllRound Tue 30-May-17 19:59:02

I've had really annoying restless legs too. Hadn't heard about magnesium so googled and you can get it from these food's.
Had an avocado for lunch but my leg's still playing up!

Teabagtits Wed 31-May-17 09:49:43

I think the magnesium is playing havoc with my insides sad am going to try to find the spray this afternoon

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