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Just got BFP. Supplements?

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ReturnofSaturn Sun 28-May-17 10:41:30

I got my BFP a few days ago amd went to the doctors today. The doctor gave me a referral to book in for a scan for when im at least 6 weeks and to get bloodwork done. (Missed period was the 23rd)

However ive noticed posters on here mentioning supplements and folic acid etc. However the doctor didnt mention any of these at all!!? Is there something iam supposed to be taking?

TIA smile

Sakura03 Sun 28-May-17 11:17:49

You're meant to be taking folic acid and vit d 3 months prior to getting pregnant but if you've not been actively trying just start as soon as possible. I took seven seas pregnancy multi vitamins but a folic acid with added vitamin d is sufficient as long as you eat a varied diet. Congratulationsflowers

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