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Clothes and pregnancy

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ashaj92 Sun 28-May-17 05:59:45

This is probably going to sound ridiculous, but I'm so fed up! I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant with first baby, and we're due to go on holiday abroad in just under 2 weeks time. I went clothes shopping with my sister yesterday and couldn't find anything at all that didn't make me look or feel like a fat frump 😞
I've only got a small bump at the moment, and I know I'm going to inevitably get bigger, it's just so frustrating! I'm someone who's normally really picky about the clothes I wear and I'm struggling because I just can't seem to feel I look good whilst I'm this awkward plumpy shape 😩😂
Has anyone else managed to find a clothes shop that either does decent maternity wear or options that didn't consist of trackie bottoms and oversized t shirts?? I'd say I'm about a size 10 now (8-10 prior to pregnancy) I know comfort is the main priority these days but I just feel so crap about it all 😒

mummabubs Sun 28-May-17 06:06:51

Have you tried H&M? They definitely have the best maternity skinny jeans/ shorts of anywhere I've found (currently 21 weeks with first child and none of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe fits me anymore!) ASOS has a wide range of maternity clothes online but some of it is a bit odd. If anyone else has any gems as to where the flattering mat wear is I'd love to hear it!! I know other places do mat wear but online only such as Next/ Dorothy Perkins... Good luck clothes hunting and enjoy your holiday OP! X

Topsyloulou Sun 28-May-17 06:18:55

I'd also recommend H&M & ASOS. I also like topshop & Debenhams red herring for maternity wear. There were a few nice bits on the Asda website too but I've never bought anything from there so can't comment on fit or quality.

At 17 weeks it is hard as normal clothes will be too tight but maternity is still too big & therefore can be a bit shapeless. Once your bump gets a bit bigger it will fit much better. There is some lovely maternity wear out there, just most of it is online.

Sparklyuggs Sun 28-May-17 06:50:36

It's not a nice stage is it? I'd suggest some fitted maxi dresses that are non maternity and show off your bump as as 8-10 is slim.

I found ASOS, H&M and Topshop had some good bits, I'd get some maternity shorts and wear them with non maternity tops.

Last option is Seraphine. It isn't cheap but their dresses are the only things I've felt really pretty in and for the amount I've worn them the cost per wear is no different.

You could try eBay too?

MabelTheCow Sun 28-May-17 07:17:43

Another vote for Seraphine. I have a small collection of their dresses and tops and rotate through these with H&M leggings on cooler days and pre-pregnancy cardis. I've got more wear out of these than anything else and they're all good for feeding too with either stretchy fabric or secret boob access.

edengarden1234 Sun 28-May-17 11:21:19

I would suggest to anyone pregnant but decent good quality maternity clothes early on in your pregnancy.

I found some nice pieces on jojomamabebe, maternity jeans from new look/high street. Totally agree checking out pre-used items.

Don't buy cheap tat it will make you feel rubbish. Spend a bit it you can then they can be resold or used again.

Laurajonesy Sun 28-May-17 17:51:43

New look near me have nice maternity summer bits- jumpsuits, skirts, maxi- dresses etc

Woolly17 Sun 28-May-17 18:52:46

I used to be a size 8-10 ... now I'm 35weeks and just a size round. Everything in my 'normal' wardrobe is very fitted and nipped in at the waist - so utterly unsuitable in pregnancy.

My suggestion is A-line dresses (I could wear those until I was about 24 week gone) - they accommodate the bump and can be worn after pregnancy as well.

Good shops for non bag like items are HM & New Look. I bought three pairs of pregnancy jeans (in sizes 8, 10 & 12) from HM and a selection of tops. I'd advise against buying anything too pricy as you are likely to grow out of things as you get bigger and the seasonal change means you'll need a different set of clothing in the winter.

VickyTheStitch Sun 28-May-17 22:47:11

I'm 34 + 5 and found it a problem. There's very little in the shops to try on. I got a pair of jeans from jojomamanbebe which have been great and a pair of lounge trousers in Debenhams. I ordered some leggings and t shirts from Asda which have been ok.

My best buys were a couple of dresses from Fat Face. They were a size bigger than I would normally buy. One was a stretchy jersey fabric which has gone over the bump nicely and the other was a loose straight dress which would normally be pulled in around the waist with a tie belt. Just took the belt off and it has been nice to wear in the hot weather.

fruityb Sun 28-May-17 22:51:03

H & m t shirts were the best - they were ones that had the extra bump room and were really long. I found asos t shirts were just wider at the bottom so tended to just flap around and not cover my bump enough.

New look had some great stuff as well.

I bought my jeans from next and they were great.

fruityb Sun 28-May-17 22:56:04

Oh and manta ray dress would stretch over my bump easily.

Tinkhasflown Sun 28-May-17 23:02:41

Other than jeans or trousers , I wore non maternity clothes through all of my pregnancies. Definitely look in the non maternity sections.

CaptainWarbeck Mon 29-May-17 05:45:56

I've liked Topshop and H&M for maternity jeans. My Topshop ones have a really soft low belly band which is nice, the H&M ones have a stretchy over bump band.

I recommend finding a maternity vest top you like, buying it in a few basic colours, and then layering cardigans over the top if you need extra warmth. This has kept me going through an Aussie autumn.

I also wore stretchy knee-ish length short sleeved non-maternity dresses in the summer (just basic striped/patterned etc) which would accommodate the bump and stretch with it as it grew. Definitely the comfiest option as nothing is tight round your bump that way.

For tops and jumpers H&M's Mama maternity section is best I've found. Nice cosy basic long sleeved jumpers, basic 3/4 length tees and basic tshirts with bump allowance.

I think you're at the most awkward stage smile when your bump has popped out properly it's a lot easier to dress.

I think Gap has quite a lot of maternity stuff too but I haven't tried it. Online might be your best option depending on where you are.

Want2bSupermum Mon 29-May-17 05:57:39

Get online and take a look at motherhood maternity here in the US. Their wrap dresses are great and cost between $20-35. I've been able to wear mine through 3 pregnancies. Also check out the clearance section of pea in the pod. I got dresses for $45-60 and they were lovely.

Maternity jeans were from Asda (Walmart) by George. I think maternity jeans are very individual though.

Def try to buy second hand if spending more. It's worn for such a short period of time and so many people now only have 1-2 DC. Start looking now for a winter coat. They will be up for sale now winter has finished. To buy new the good ones are very expensive.

Want2bSupermum Mon 29-May-17 05:58:24

Gap is great for maternity tops. Their trousers never fit right and their dresses were just very very plain.

AgainPlease Mon 29-May-17 06:04:07

Seraphine all the way! Pricey but worth it, especially if you're planning on being pregnant again after this one. Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I want to look like a cheap frump.

H&M for leggings.

user1471495191 Mon 29-May-17 06:21:20

I only have one official item of 'maternity' and 'breastfeeding' clothing (a bridesmaid dress), and am now halfway through on my second pregnancy.

I have found it better to buy bigger sized stretchy jeans and shorts which I wear below my bump. Plus jersey fabric tops and dresses which fall or stretch around my bump and emphasise it.
I didn't like not being able to try clothes on, and found a lot of baggy clothes just made me look fat as you say.
I never wear maxi dresses but will definitely be looking at some of these for this summer.

reetgood Mon 29-May-17 09:04:57

Do you find you need to buy stuff? I was planning on trying to style out my existing wardrobe as long as possible.. currently 8 weeks. I do need new clothes in general - but would rather not spend money on clothes that only have a finite amount of time I can use them for. Does it just depend on my existing wardrobe, and what I end up with weight and bump wise? I happen to have a fair few jersey dresses smile

CaptainWarbeck Mon 29-May-17 09:08:34

Reet I haven't put on much weight in this pregnancy at all (36 weeks) and there's no way I can fit into my regular jeans at the moment. They were fine up until end of first trimester using the hair loop through the button trick, but you change shape as you lay down fat for breastfeeding in hips, bum etc, and usual stuff just isn't likely to fit.

reetgood Mon 29-May-17 09:31:29

Ah bother. Well I suppose jeans are always going to be the biggest challenge.. I will see how it goes but might need to bump up my clothing budget a touch.

CowParsleyNettle Mon 29-May-17 09:38:26

I'm 15 weeks and living in my GAP linen shorts, they're meant to be a size 10 but are huge so I wear them with a polo belt, slung low under my not bump (although wore with a decent bump last time)and they look good with lots of different things, I've got them in navy and cream.

I've also got a stretchy jersey black maxi dress from warehouse that last time accommodated a huge bump, despite not being a maternity dress. Jersey dresses are great.

Seraphine stuff looks nice and I've seen some lovely shorts of theirs.

I also agree that cheap maternity clothes are a ways of time.

CowParsleyNettle Mon 29-May-17 09:43:08

Just to add that although I have no real bump yet (and the same in my last pregnancy)wearing my normal jeans just isn't possible as it's actually painful and I end up with stomach cramps.

Oh and JoJo leggings, they're a decent quality so not only have they lasted from my last pregnancy, I've also used them for horse riding when it's been really hot as they're quite cool, they're definitely well made!

user1479669774 Mon 29-May-17 11:23:38

I've been to primark and bought stretchy dresses (£6)in every colour and seems to be seeing me through. They are quite bump showing but I figured it's the only time I can get away with it.

stealthbanana Mon 29-May-17 15:31:13

Can't believe no one has mentioned cos yet! Perfect for second tri/start of third tri dressing. Lots of nice dresses that can take you from work to out.

Other than that - H&M for jeans and basics. My very favourite mat wear purchase were my Isabella oliver leather trousers, which I wore to every social occasion i could and which were great post birth as well. But they were very expensive!

1stTimeRounder Mon 29-May-17 16:08:48

Another vote for Seraphine. They were the only maternity dresses that I felt normal in right throughout my pregnancy. Accommodated me from the end of the first trimester when my normal dresses were too tight right up to 38 weeks when I finished work.

I supplemented those dresses with a few tunic/dresses from Mothercare and then jeans and tops from ASOS, h&m, next and also blue bell maternity from ASOS...

ASOS was a bit hit and miss with some styles. Anything that looks like a jersey dress needed up being like a gigantic shapeless t shirt ! All went back. But i got a few stylish pieces there too so look for the more tailored styles.

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