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When your DH REALLY winds you up!

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purplek1tty Fri 26-May-17 20:51:24

So, I'm 9+4 and have just got back from a (mostly) pleasant evening meeting husband for tea after work.

On the way home he very rudely decides to tell me how I should drive. After a warning, he continued to point out I was in the wrong lane (I wasn't). At which point I may have (definitely) told him to 'shut the f*ck up'. Screaming argument followed and he's currently brooding upstairs.

Seriously, why doesn't he realise that his knackered, pregnant, hormonal wife does not need condescending back seat driving?

And surely I'm allowed a free pass to tell him where to go when he doesn't realise this!?

Definitely just needed to rant but honestly these hormones are a killer!

NB we genuinely don't really argue and are a normal couple when I'm not being a pregnant psycho-bitch wink

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