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Good books on birth breast feeding, generally advice books for a FTM?

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Jellybabie3 Fri 26-May-17 15:31:10

Just wondered if anybody had read any good ones? I have 'first time parents' but am now looking for anything which is a bit more detailed regarding birth, breastfeeding or advice on sleeping etc

grainmum Fri 26-May-17 15:46:22

I read a book called baby led breastfeeding that I got in the library before I had DS. I can't remember the specifics but I felt it was really helpful at the time especially re. What to expect/how to handle first few days/weeks. Some bits would be good for a partner to read too so that they have realistic expectations.

Sparklyuggs Fri 26-May-17 16:52:22

I'm a FTM and I recommend your baby week by week for a very easy no nonsense guide, especially if you don't know much about babies like DH and I!

lifeisazebracrossing Fri 26-May-17 17:01:02

La Leche League breastfeeding book with a red headed woman on front - really helpful prereading!

Anything by Dr Sears - he's into attachment parenting/breastfeeding, etc. and I spent many a day/night being comforted in what I was doing as he seemed to agree with it. He has books in sleep and fussy babies.

What to Expect is fab for pregnancy and beyond.

Life After Birth - realistic expectations for the modern woman.

Get reading - knowledge is power! I stopped after DD got to 6 months but I found all the books helpful in the beginning.

thenewaveragebear1983 Fri 26-May-17 17:04:35

I loved the 'wonder weeks' book but I know it is sometimes frowned upon on here.

Fliptophead Fri 26-May-17 17:14:44

Op I'm not sure if you know what the ftm acronym means on MN? grin

Jellybabie3 Fri 26-May-17 18:04:42

Ur thats thrown me. I thought it was first time mum??

doleritedinosaur Fri 26-May-17 18:08:52

I read lots on here actually for breastfeeding first time & it really helped.

I searched breastfeeding & loads of threads came up with lots of advice.
Also La Leche & Kelly Mom websites are helpful.

I did learn that it can take 8 weeks to get the hang of, top ups can affect your supply so skin to skin as much as possible.
Drink loads, I drink at least 3 litres a day & poking out tongue & hand sucking means milk is needed.
Baby's shouldn't be crying before feeding.

There was none of that in the literature I was given/came across.

TestingTestingWonTooFree Fri 26-May-17 18:18:42

The womanly art of breastfeeding is the LLL book. There've been no new editions for a few years.

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