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Home remedies

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rehcallag Fri 26-May-17 15:16:54

40+8 second baby (first was on time)! Getting fed up now, had sweep and nothing at all.
Have been advised to maybe see a chiropractor or have acupuncture etc....has anyone had any good experiences with any remedies like the above?

Lucinda15 Fri 26-May-17 18:48:47

I had reflexology when pregnant with DS, one session at 38 weeks which gave me mild cramps that faded away, my second session was at 39 weeks and I went into labour less than 24 hours later.

I'm now 37+5 with DC2, have an induction booked in 10 days which I want to avoid, so trying everything in the book!! I've had one session of reflexology which caused some cramping that faded away, and another booked next week. I also had acupuncture yesterday which caused some cramping, again faded away though. I would have more but the therapist is on hols next week 😕

But I think you could probably find something online to show you the pressure points to massage to encourage labour - both the reflexologist and the acupuncturist use the same ones! My reflexologist showed me where they are, and said get DH to gently massage them every eve.

I'm also trying raspberry leaf capsules, homeopathy, and having sex (despite reaaaaally not feeling it at the moment!!) as the sperm is a natural prostaglandin so should soften the cervix... I don't think it will bring on labour as such, but should help the induction go more smoothly as the cervix should hopefully be already soft.

I can but hope!!

Hope u get things going soon!! Good luck xx

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