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Too hot for baby?

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MissBax Fri 26-May-17 00:24:11

Ok so I'm probably overly anxious with this being my first pregnancy but just seeing if anyone has any tips.
I'm due later on in the summer and worried about the heat for one LO arrives - I know this is England and it'll probably change many times before then, but my apartment is like a sauna - lots of windows and south facing so just magnifies the heat. We keep all the blinds shut during the day and windows open but it doesn't help. I bought a gro egg for when LO arrives and it's currently on 25 degrees in the bedroom at midnight. So is this a problem for little babies? Sorry if this seems a stupid question. Do I need to take extra care with certain aspects? Obviously she won't need as many layers for sleeping, but other than that is there anything that's 'need to know' for newborns in hot weather? Thanks

calimommy Fri 26-May-17 04:32:13

Yes overheating is a problem for babies as is being too cold. They are unable to regulate their temperature in the way older children can so you do have to be aware of the environmental temperature. That said, if a baby is cold they will cry, unless their hypothermic (!) so that's one extreme covered. If the room is very warm then just strip them down to the bare minimum. That might be just a vest and nappy or just the nappy. Light blankets can be used as well. As mentioned, if they aren't warm enough they will let you know. But don't be afraid to let baby be naked or near naked. Especially indoors. And no hats etc indoors, but that's always, not just if it's warm.

calimommy Fri 26-May-17 04:33:43

Just to add, don't use fans or cold baths as they will lower baby's temperature too dramatically.

Maggy74653 Fri 26-May-17 05:04:18

My little one is 3 weeks old and this heat has been a struggle but she has just been in a vest over the past two days and no blankets at night etc. She has been fine with this.

I've had all the windows open and fans on in rooms to keep the air circulating. I haven't put the fan directly on her but I don't think there is any problem having one in the room.

Babies are born in much hotter countries remember and they soon let you know if they aren't happy smile

ThaliaLuxurySpa Fri 26-May-17 05:47:17


Are you a top floor apartment with loft space above? Opening the hatch helps a lot.

(To keep yourself more comfortable, have you tried a hot water bottle filled with icy water instead? Bliss).

toomuchtimereadingthreads2016 Fri 26-May-17 09:52:06

People in countries a lot hotter than england manage fine with newborns ;) just be sensible and keep an eye you'll be fine x

MissBax Fri 26-May-17 10:08:31

Thanks everyone - I'll just keep her in the bare minimum if it's anything like this!
For some reason my main fear of being a new mum is being unable to regulate her temperature (I don't know why)!

user1466690252 Fri 26-May-17 10:13:12

op my 1st son was born in a heatwave, He lived in a nappy and short sleeve vest with a thin blanket, you know the ones with the holes in? I don't know what they are called. We spent alot of time indoors with doors and windows open circulating air. do you have pintrest? there are guides on there for layers in temps that I found useful.

user1466690252 Fri 26-May-17 10:14:09

oh and I found the gro egg more stress than it was worth. I turned it off as I found it made me overly anxious

talulahbelle Fri 26-May-17 10:16:46

My daughter was born in a heatwave. Skin-to-skin can really help regulate a babies temperature, she spent a lot of time on my chest in only a nappy covered by a muslin.

user1491572121 Fri 26-May-17 10:16:52

It will be fine OP smile I had my DD1 in South Australia in a house with no air conditioning and it reached 44 one day. We were constantly over 30 and usually above 38 that summer.

Get a room thermometer and just don't worry too much.

silkpyjamasallday Fri 26-May-17 10:20:53

It was 27 degrees when DD was born, I just had her in a vest most of the time and one thin cellular blanket which she kicked off if she got too hot. She is almost 9 months now and currently just in a nappy as she was getting sweaty in even a vest. You can easily check with your fingers on their necks and under their clothes if they feel too hot and just remove layers as appropriate. I discharged us from the hospital after one night as the midwives were insisting she wore 4 layers with blankets and a hat even in the sweltering heat. Just use common sense, and you will be fine, I understand the anxiety though.

Caterina99 Fri 26-May-17 14:54:42

DS was born in June and we live in the US and it's hot in the summer (fortunately my house does have AC, but it was still over 30c most days). I felt bad that he never wore all the adorable little sleepsuits and cardis etc that UK family members sent, but he lived in short sleeved vests.

DC2 is due in October so I'm hoping I can get some use out of those clothes this time round

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