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poppylou27 Thu 25-May-17 16:55:18

I'm 10 days PO and too impatient to wait... I could really do with a second set of eyes before I tell DP as don't want to get hopes up as we suffered a MMC back in Feb...

Thank you ladies

ColdAsIceCubes Thu 25-May-17 16:56:26

Yes, I can see a 2nd line. Fingers crossed flowers

poppylou27 Thu 25-May-17 16:58:21

@ColdAsIceCubes thank you grinsmile

BoudiccasHare Thu 25-May-17 17:06:42

Can see a line 🙂 Tentative congrats to you flowers

Thesp00kykids Thu 25-May-17 17:08:36

I see a line !cake

poppylou27 Thu 25-May-17 17:43:50

Thank you ladies grin I'll do another in a couple of days just to be sure but thank you so much, I thought I may have my baby goggles on hehe!

Nostrilflare Thu 25-May-17 20:28:00

That's how mine was at 10DPO! Congratulations!

leighdinglady Fri 26-May-17 14:00:49

That's how mine was 9dpo! Got darker every day. Try again tomorrow (and let us know :-)

HopefullyDothButterNoParsnips Fri 26-May-17 14:15:15

I can see a line. Congratulations

poppylou27 Fri 26-May-17 16:49:40

I will do smile thank you all again xxx

poppylou27 Sat 27-May-17 10:05:06

As promised... this is my SMU, it's a little darker than the other one but I am still just 12po so gonna test again Monday morning when af is due and hopefully will be darker! I'm still not 100% convinced

HopefullyDothButterNoParsnips Sat 27-May-17 14:30:33

That's definitely a line poppy- congratulations! 🎉

leighdinglady Sat 27-May-17 18:29:33

That's definitely a positive!!!!

poppylou27 Sat 27-May-17 18:39:32

Thank you grin I'm starting to believe it now xxx

Catdogcat Sat 27-May-17 18:40:28

Definitely positive. Congratulations!

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