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Stop start labour - tell me positive stories

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sockgate Thu 25-May-17 13:05:37

Please tell me hopeful stories!

Almost 40 weeks. 2 weeks ago I had an evening of false labour. Tuesday afternoon and evening, more false labour but getting more painful. Around 11.30 last night I started with contractions every 15 mins then 10 mins then 6 then 10 then 15 and now every 30. I've had about an hour of sleep. I've eaten pineapple, bounced on ball, walked, waggled on hands and knees. I sent DH to work as MAU says this could go on for days. I'm about to try housework. Please tell me things or give me tips to keep my spirits up! (Or post kitten photos.)

Badgerbird Thu 25-May-17 16:35:39

Hi op, I'm 40 wks tomorrow... come and join us on the Waiting for Labour thread or even better the May ante natal club as lots of our group have given birth now so have very recent experience!

Good luck and heres to healthy babies smile

Mylittlestsunshine Thu 25-May-17 16:39:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jinglebellmel Thu 25-May-17 19:11:53

Apparently nipple stimulation works if you're up for giving it a go?! No first hand experience but it's supposed to be the only method backed up by research.

sockgate Thu 25-May-17 20:46:49

Thanks - I'll try anything! Relaxing on a birth ball while twiddling nipples. Ain't pregnancy glam?!

Thanks Badger, I'll pop along in a bit smile

jinglebellmel Thu 25-May-17 22:55:47

Good luck!

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