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VBAC - what are my chances?

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forfucksakejanet Thu 25-May-17 10:37:16

Hi all

I am due dc2 in August, and have opted for a VBAC. First labour was pretty horrendous, was in labour a total of 46 hours, 15 hours from waters being broken.Constant monitoring, told to lie down, syntocinon drip, epidural, pushed for an hour (or did I?!? I was numb from the nipples down so no idea if I was doing it right).

Ended up having EMCS in the end, I was 10cm dilated but nothing was happening.

This time, I feel much more positive about it. I know what to do an lad what not to do. I have been to pregnancy yoga and it's wonderful; been given labour positions and breathing techniques.

I have been told I'll be midwife led, but I will need constant monitoring. I am upset about it but I get why. I don't want to lie down, and I don't want an epidural! What are my chances of getting this? I am pretty adamant on how I want to do this and want to avoid another EMCS if at all possible

Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated smile

GreenGoblin0 Thu 25-May-17 11:32:13

OP your first labour sounds a lot like mine.
currently bfing 7 week old DD2 born by vbac. no epidural or any other pain relief for that matter as very quick labour.

the birth options midwife was really positive that I had a good chance of successful vbac as I'd gone 10cm before - same as you.

I did have constant monitoring but was able to stand up whilst hooked up to machine throughout each contraction. you should ask about wireless ctg as if this will help you be more mobile. I had no time to ask for this in end as labour was so quick.

still ended up with emergency instrumental delivery by ventouse as labour so quick that baby was distressed but this was picked up quickly by the ctg

MerlinsBeard87 Thu 25-May-17 12:49:06

Also sounds like my first labour, 10cms but no baby. Midwives and consultant all said I would have a very good vbac chance this time, but I'm still keen for an elcs.

acquiescence Thu 25-May-17 12:51:48

I have no advice but following as my first delivery was very similar, long with over medicated epidural (I can't understand why I was completely numbed, I couldn't even roll over) syntocin and then emcs after many many hours.

I'm now pregnancy with #2 and torn between attempting a vbac and requesting an elcs. I'm going towards attempting vbac due to recovery and having a toddler to lift. I'm worried as I didn't sleep for nearly 80 hours and it was a terrible start for both of us.

I haven't discussed it yet with my midwife. I feel unsure as first time I did hypnoborthing, pregnancy yoga and started off with a home birth in water but it all went so bad.

CharMamaof2 Thu 25-May-17 14:02:33

I had a similar first labour 8 years ago ending in an emergency section, followed by a successful vbac 4 years ago. I am now pregnancy with baby number 3, and definitely going to opt for a vbac again. First vbac I was pushed into staying on the bed, constant monitoring etc, and when it came to pushing her out at 10cm Dilated I was completely numb from the epidural so really struggled and ended up with ventouse and episiotomy! This time around much like you, I feel really positive, have been doing pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing, so I am really hoping for wireless monitoring so I can attempt delivery in a more mobile position. Hoping you get your vbac! The fact you dilated already to 10cm is very positive x

vfoster Thu 25-May-17 18:33:59

I had a similarly long labour 3 years ago but I never got beyond 3cm and after the maximum time on the drip I had a section.
I'm due with number 2 in July and I've had a brief conversation with my consultant. He mentioned that I may struggle to have a VBAC as I didn't really go into full labour as I never dialated fully. He said I'd have had a better chance if I would have in my first labour. Good luck!

forfucksakejanet Thu 25-May-17 22:18:57

Thanks for all your responses ladies, it's good to hear some positive outcomes!!

I really want this to go my way, hopefully the yoga and positivity will win on the day ...... smile

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