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Stabbing/shooting pains left hand side of stomach and bleeding on wiping, 8 weeks pregnant

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salsasalsa Thu 25-May-17 07:54:53

Title says it all really?
Is this normal? Had like three or four rounds of the pains before I went to bed last night, went to the loo before bed and wiped and there was like light red blood, that seemed to clear up after two wipes, then woke up at one in the morning with a few of the pains, but no bleeding when I went to the loo.
So scared as I had an early scan two days ago that showed two beating hearts sad
I'm 8 weeks today x

ew1990 Thu 25-May-17 08:02:09

I'd try and ring epu, I've had sharp pains in the beginning that stopped me from warning and blood at 9 weeks, currently 15 weeks now, get it checked just to be safe xxx

ew1990 Thu 25-May-17 08:02:24

That should say walking x

salsasalsa Thu 25-May-17 08:16:47

Thank you, can I ring epu directly? X

FruitBadger Thu 25-May-17 08:21:43

You can call them directly, the contact number for the department is listed on my hospital's website, or if you have seen a Community Midwife already it's often printed on the folder. Thinking of you flowers

salsasalsa Thu 25-May-17 10:32:17

I phoned the gp who tried to contact the EPAU but they said because I had an early scan two days ago they're not likely to do another for a few weeks, and to just monitor pain and bleeding and contact again if it worsens, so potentially a few weeks of just worrying that this is it sad do have my first MW appt next tues but that's not going to tell me anything sad still getting stomach twinges today but nothing too much, and blood spotting just looks old but, so worried x

iluvgin Thu 25-May-17 10:38:39

How stressful for you. Are you in a position to pay for a scan privately? They are usually around £80-100 x

welshweasel Thu 25-May-17 10:45:17

I had a scan at 7 weeks (ivf pregnancy) and then a scan the following day at EPU as I bled, so it's not necessarily true that they won't rescan you. Private scan is another option.

salsasalsa Thu 25-May-17 11:03:33

I cant really afford a private scan until next month if at all. It just sounds like to me on the phone they're just following a script and doing their job, so frustrating. But I do get it, I guess I just see how it goes... bleeding seems to have not continued, stomach is twinging all over every now and then but can only wait and see. They did say get my GP to do another scan referral, so I have, in case a space comes up but other wise it won't be for a few weeks. Seems bizarre. And if i do happen to be pregnant with the rare mono mono twins I hope they are a little more thorough with their scanning process. Argh sad

Twinklelittlestar1 Thu 25-May-17 18:09:29

How scary for you op. How is it going?

salsasalsa Thu 25-May-17 19:06:46

It's going ok as ok can be, thank you. Just will have to play a waiting game until my first MW appt next tues now, unless any more bleeding/pains, and hope my MW can arrange a scan sooner. Been nothing today, I actually feel like a bump has just suddenly appeared? Doesn't look like my usual end of day bloating, but will be easier to see in morning. Just so scared of what happened last night with such a high risk pregnancy. Have to stay positive somehow but feels impossible x

Thissameearth Thu 25-May-17 19:22:36

Fingers crossed for you salsa - I'm sending positivity. Scan waits are interminable.

twinkle1972 Fri 26-May-17 08:50:48

How are things today OP?

salsasalsa Fri 26-May-17 10:10:42

Ok I guess thank you, nothing out of the ordinary happening, no more pains or bleeding. Feel like my belly has started to round and solid up a little, tiny bit of nausea this morning and boobs still tiny bit sore. It just feels shity that all I can do is wait for a scan to see if those pains and bleeding meant anything the other day sad like there's no other way of knowing. Feel like I have every right to be terrified, with the type of pregnancy it could be, and being told all I can do is wait a few weeks. Going to have a right rant to my MW at my first appt next Tues lol x

Thissameearth Fri 26-May-17 10:34:35

The EPU where I am will provide a scan a week apart if there's pain or bleeding after the first early scan which is usually for pain or bleeding itself. There's no point doing it less than a week apart apparently as you can't chart any growth. So a second scan tue or weds? Yeah rather than wait until tues could you maybe call your midwife and explain scan, bleeding and pain and ask if there's any way you can get one next week, esp as it's twins? If you leave it til next Tues for midwife, then next weeks scans might be all booked up? Good luck

salsasalsa Fri 26-May-17 10:48:07

Yeah thats what they said about there not being much change... but surely its worth it to see if the heart beats are still there! Just seems so unfair. It's not my fault I've had another episode where there's actually been pain with the bleeding. I just feel like they were really dismissive and not concerned. I think I will still wait until my MW appt tuesday, and go from there, I got my last early scan the day after I phoned. Just feel a bit angry now, knowing if they are healthy but rare mono mono twins that I'm going to have to be regularly monitored by them. Hopefully they would up their game

salsasalsa Fri 26-May-17 20:16:20

Hey everyone, does anyone think my symptoms could be a UTI??? My fanny feels a bit burny atm that's all and a few of my wees have been a tiny bit painful. Xx

Thissameearth Wed 07-Jun-17 17:23:35

How did you get salsa hope all ok

salsasalsa Thu 08-Jun-17 10:38:31

Hi, I went for another early scan today, they think I'm a few days under ten weeks by measurements BUT good news.... still two tiny heartbeats, and thrilled to pieces as there are two sacks.... so chuffed. One is measuring slightly bigger but they didn't seem worried. Relieved is an understatement. Xx

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