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Unreasonable 2nd vbac birth plan?

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CharMamaof2 Wed 24-May-17 22:20:12

I'm currently 36+4 and had the usual vbac 36 week appointment today to discuss birth plan. All along I have been told by my midwife I would be midwifery led based on my birthing history, I was also told this by the head of the midwifery unit after attending a hypnobirthing course at the local hospital, after expressing I would like a waterbirth as this wasn't option the last 2 times.
I had an EMCS 8 years ago after a failure to progress induction, followed by a straightforward epidural/ventouse/episiotomy vbac 4 years ago.
At my appointment today I'm a bit gutted to discover they still want me to stay consultant led, no pool, constant monitoring which I'm presuming will mean on the bed. I truly believe the last 2 labours ended the way they did because I was convinced to stay on the bed, have an epidural I didn't want etc. Given that I thought I would be midwife led, I have been practising yoga, hypnobirthing and feel very positive about an active labour. Am I being unreasonable to think the consultant is being over cautious? Should I fight harder for my birth preferences or just give it to what they are telling me?

fluffandsnuff Wed 24-May-17 22:22:59

I'm consultant led and they've told me they've got monitoring equipment that you can move with- and one lot with no wires that can be used in the pool. I know that won't be on offer everywhere but does mean there's a chance

MrsStinkey Wed 24-May-17 22:30:42

I was consultant led and had a VBAC with DD2. I'm convinced the only reason it went to plan and I managed a VBAC was because I refused to be hooked up to a monitor and lying in a bed. I insisted that I was to be mobile at all times. They used a little clip thing attached to baby's head that allowed me to move pretty freely although you still couldn't use the pool with it which I was a bit disappointed about. You do get devices that allow continuous monitoring whilst on water but it would depend if your hospital has them. I would definitely keep insisting you want to be mobile and have as little intervention as possible and see what suggestions they have to accommodate you. Remember they cannot force you to do anything you don't want to do.

CharMamaof2 Wed 24-May-17 22:47:57

Thank you both for your reply! I think I might have a chat with my midwife at my appointment next week and see what she has to say. I was told they had the monitoring equipment for mobile epidural/pool use etc, and when I mentioned it to the consultant he made me feel like I was being difficult and started lecturing me on scar rupture. My head is spinning, but my midwife is really good so hopefully she can shed some more light!

GreenGoblin0 Wed 24-May-17 23:58:10

I had a vbac with constant monitoring via ctg but was able to stand through all contractions until I had to push. labour was v quick though so not sure how would have panned out if had gone on for longer. my hospital did have a wireless ctg which allows you to be more mobile but they only have one so it depends on availability - you should ask your midwife about this. as it happened I did most of labouring in triage and was only on delivery suite for about 10 mins so no time or need for wireless ctg.

I also had ctg first time around and birth ended up in emcs. it did completely restrict my movement as I had to lay down on left side throughout the labour so I do understand your hesitation. i honestly believe however that the use of ctg saved both of of babies lives as both were in distress during labour resulting on both deliveries being emergencies (one CS and one ventouse assisted)

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