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5 c-sections?

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outnumbered4 Wed 24-May-17 21:53:23

Just wondering if anyone here has had 5 c-sections or knows someone that has? Im building up to my 5th and after a slightly scary, consent signing, booking appointment today I could really do with some stories to keep me positive!

biginjapan Thu 25-May-17 07:12:35

My friend has (I'm due a fourth soon). She said she had one consultant appointment and the rest was totally smooth sailing. No one remotely panicked. What was scary about your booking appointment?

The nurse at the epu said that her hair was curling at the thought of me having a fourth hmm. Midwives have barely mentioned it.

There used to be someone on here who had 11 (unzipped I think?)

outnumbered4 Thu 25-May-17 07:42:27

I had some complications in my last 2 sections, a bladder injury in the 3rd and a haemorrhage in the last, I also apparently have a high internal incision which is more prone to rupture confused the consultant was lovely (same one I've had with all my pregnancies) but obviously has to tell you the reality of the risks as they always do.

He has put me on iron tablets now even though my iron stores are good at the moment in preparation for the imminent haemorrhage shock

I've been doing a good job of being naive and overly positive but the fear is creeping in!

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