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Pregnant with breast implants?!

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rememberpurpleronnie Wed 24-May-17 21:47:57

Just looking for some experiences here- I'm 7weeks pregnant with my second baby. 9 months ago I had an elective mastectomy and reconstruction due to carrying the brca1 gene. Although I should have minimum breast tissue I feel they are tender, and also the bottom of one of the implants is really digging into my ribcage. Has anyone else been pregnant with implants? Either due to mastectomy or cosmetic! Incidentally my implants are still expanders - they were due to be swapped to silicon in the autumn, but that will obviously be put on hold. I discussed this with my plastic surgeon pre pregnancy and he said it would be absolutely fine. I guess I just want some reassurance that the discomfort will settle down!

rememberpurpleronnie Thu 25-May-17 10:22:45

Anyone? Sure I'm not the first grin

Rodent01 Thu 25-May-17 11:41:27

Not quite same boat as I didn't have recon, but am 30 weeks having had a double mastectomy after breast cancer 3 years ago.

My oncologist said its quite normal for your body to try and re grow tissue due to the hormones raging, and this could be why they are more uncomfy? Also, even though there are no milk ducts there, the body can think it should be doing something about it, so again, swelling.

I don't think I have felt anything, but as I am totally flat, I probably wouldn't feel much if there was a teeny bit of swelling I don't think......

Can you get in to see your surgeon just to get them to have a look?

rememberpurpleronnie Thu 25-May-17 13:01:36

Thanks rodent, I suspect it is uncomfortable as you say because the minimal breast tissue is trying to expand and pushing the implants around a bit. Congratulations on your pregnancy- not long to go now! I was on the waiting list for a mastectomy during my last pregnancy and couldn't breast feed without delaying the surgery, I still got the breast feeding mafia coming to give me a hard time so I plan to ensure this time around that my notes are plastered with my preference for them to bugger off. Hopefully you can avoid them too!

Rodent01 Thu 25-May-17 13:27:29

I would def see if you can see somebody, as if its like this already at 7 weeks, it might get worse so would be good to be monitored..... I last saw my onc at about 26/27 weeks and she said although I haven't had anything look swollen yet, there is still time.....

Looking at my MW notes, at EVERY apt they seem to copy over "bilateral mastectomy following BC, chemo, radio in 2014 etc etc", so I don't think anybody is likely to blunder into trying to talk me into bf - being totally flat with a huge 30 week stomach is a bit of a giveaway that things aren't all normal!

Its actually the thing I am most nervous about - I bf my first who is now just 4, and need to seriously look at bottles / milk / perfect prep etc to see whats what!!!

Good luck with yours!!

littlehelp Thu 25-May-17 13:28:38

Hello I've got implants with 2 pregnancies and the only issue I had was one flipped due to breasts enlarging with pregnancy easily enough to flip back by doctor

They are looking better than ever after children smile

rememberpurpleronnie Thu 25-May-17 13:32:50

Rodent- I know it worries me too, just like it did last time as it's not nice not to have the option. DS actually received donor breast milk. It's worth asking about if it's something that would be important to you, although DS was hospitalised for nearly a month and received it then. Not sure about the feasibility of doing it at home. I will try and get an appointment to see my surgeon, I actually bumped into him the other day at work (vaguely related professions) but as he was with a large group I didn't want to start discussing pregnancy and breasts or lack of! grin

rememberpurpleronnie Thu 25-May-17 13:34:19

Littlehelp- thanks for that, when I get switched for longer term implants I am supposedly getting round ones rather than tear drops which can help avoid the rotation issue. It's just so weird getting used to feeling them under the skin, mine are so hard just now as they are saline filled, there seems to be no flexibility in them whatsoever!

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