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Over the counter treatment for Thrush while pregnant - Please Help!!

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user1476968120 Tue 23-May-17 08:22:19

I just need some help/advice please. I have an appointment with my hospital today (To do with pregnancy) So I will ask there too, But wondered if anyone here would give some helpful advice.

Basically, I had an appointment over three weeks ago where they took a urine test, and then afew days after I got a letter saying there was a problem, My GP and/or Midwife will contact me regarding this and to wait a week and call if i've heard nothing. I waited, No call. (Please note this isn't the first time my doctors were meant to call me regarding something important and haven't. Its happened atleast 4 other times during my pregnancy).

So, No call, But I had a midwife appointment around that time anyway, So Just asked when I got there. She has NO idea what I was talking about o.o She hadn't been told anything. Anyway, She went and spoke to someone, Came back and said I might have thrush. So embarrassing. She said they needed to do more tests an told me to take a swab and urine sample to the hospital at my next appointment (Which is today) and then if I do have it, they can give me treatment for it.

My problem is, I'm due to have my baby in 4 weeks and 4 days, I'm going away the weekend before and I don't want the stress of having to deal with this now sad Its already on my mind since she said).

I've been looking at what over-the-counter treatment I can use, but I can only find creams, But been told creams alone Don't work. I'd have to wait atleast 3 weeks for an appointment at my doctors just to see someone about it (Due to them being fully booked) and considering this problem arose now nearly three weeks ago, I feel my midwife / doctors aren't being very helpful sad

Does anyone have any suggestions? Or advice? I'm desperate to get this sorted so I can just focus on my upcoming arrival. (My son :3 ) Thank you x

JordOfTheManor Tue 23-May-17 08:29:56

You can buy the pessary over the counter. This is what your GP would prescribe anyway as the tablet isn't safe in pregnancy. Only difference is you have to pay for it OTC (about £10) and it's free on prescription when you're pregnant.

Emma2803 Tue 23-May-17 09:21:06

It is the same treatment (canesten 500mg pessary) but you won't be sold it as it's not licenced to be sold for use in pregnancy, but fine for gp to prescribe.

I'm assuming you don't have any symptoms as you haven't mentioned any, such as burning, stinging, itching. Have you never had thrush before? It's nothing to be embarrassed about, I get it all the time when I'm on the pill due to the hormones in it. Honestly if you had it you would know about it, when I have it I could cry and you be scratching and scratching at your lady bits.
Probiotic tablets and natural yogurt applied to the area can really help ease discomfort and help clear it up.

If you don't have any symptoms I don't think you have thrush.

I would be more worried about an undiagnosed uti, regardless if you have symptoms. Can you leave another urine test in to your Dr's to get them to check for bacteria in your urine, you should be able to do this with out a gp appointment, maybe see the nurse and explain as a uti really needs to be treated regardless if you have symptoms.

Sparklyuggs Tue 23-May-17 09:25:29

I got my husband to buy the pessary as they wouldn't sell it to a pregnant woman. The doctor said it was the same as what he would prescribe me and was happy for me to do so. It's important to know it is thrush though.

user1476968120 Tue 23-May-17 16:13:13

Thank you for the replies. I did a swab and another urine sample today for them to send away so hopefully it will be afew days and then I'll find out what's going on.

I did read that you can't get the cream or anything while pregnant and was just get my mum to pick it up but decided to wait and see what exactly is going on. I was just getting a little stressed as I feel my doctors aren't being helpful thats all.

No I've had no symptoms what so ever, no itching or burning or irritation.
I've never had thrush before so don't really even know much about it. But hopefully since the hospital are dealing with it instead of my doctors, it will be sorted now.

Thank you all again for the replies smile

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