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32 weeks pregnant with 11 month old

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mumoflukas92 Mon 22-May-17 19:22:52

Hi I am currently 32 week pregnant with an 11 month old at home, I found out I was pregnant again at 26 weeks so had just returned to work and as part of my maternity agreement I started back full time last week. As an exams officer this is my busiest time of year and I am really struggling does anyone with children close in age have any advice about dealing with late pregnancy while managing an 11 month old and full time work?

scaredofthecity Mon 22-May-17 19:24:20

is there anyway you could take early Mat leave? you are well within your rights and you need to think of yourself and your family first

mumoflukas92 Mon 22-May-17 22:23:27

AM I entitled to take it without a medical note? Also I'm not sure if that would mean paying back some of my OMP from my previous mat leave as I have only been back part time for about 7-8 weeks

FlapAttack88 Tue 23-May-17 00:23:02

Are you back full time or part time? Bit confused.

Think you need to be back for 13 weeks before you go again to avoid having to pay back aby enhaced maternity pay.

If you were part time before e.g 0.5 fte then you have come back to the same then you only need to work 13 weeis

If you were full time before but part time now at 0.5 fte then ypu would need to work 26 weeks before going again

That's how it is at my work anyway

But regardless you health is most important. If you're struggling maybe Could go to dr and get signed off for a week or so with exhaustion and then go back at 34 weeks? They can't make you start maternity til 36 weeks even if you're off sick with pregnancy related illness.

I know it's not ideal and you may feel guikty etc but you and baby really do come first and they will find another person to cover you.. that is for them to worry about not you.

Hope things improve soon

mumoflukas92 Tue 23-May-17 15:11:27

I worked full time prior to maternity and returned on a phased basis of 3 days until the Summer exams started last week then I began full time again. i really wanted to work until 38 weeks but didn't realise how much harder and more straining I would find pregnancy with such a young child

scaredofthecity Wed 24-May-17 12:46:41

you are still with the same employer so I shouldn't think it would matter.
Or as PP said you could get a sick note, if you have enhanced sick pay.
you are only pregnant for a short time relatively, please don't feel bad for taking what your entitled too if you need it.
your health is more important than anything else

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