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What can i take for the worst sore throat

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sprite25 Mon 22-May-17 07:52:43

Hi all just wondering if anyone has any tips of what I can do to relieve a raw, stinging sore throat? I've been taking paracetamol but it's not touching it, strepsils say consult your doctor if you're pregnant. It's so sore it's making me feel sicky. TIA

CrunchieFeeling Mon 22-May-17 07:59:50

Very hot water, loads of salt, gargle. I always believed this was an old wives tale but it helps. It can flush out pockets of germs and the salt helps of course. I do it and every time I'm surprised

sprite25 Mon 22-May-17 08:05:50

Thank you, I've heard of it but always thought it sounded gross but am willing to try anything now

GrumpySusan Mon 22-May-17 08:32:03

A wedge of lemon & 2tsp honey in a mug of boiling water really soothed mine last week! Sort of coats it so it feels less raw.

Lemondrop99 Mon 22-May-17 10:51:46

I was also going to suggest gargling salt water. Just make sure you spit it out!

SummerRayne17 Mon 22-May-17 12:50:52

If it's no better within 3 days, then do go and see your doctor as it might be a throat infection that requires antibiotics. Hope you feel better soon!

Oulavache Mon 22-May-17 12:51:39

Another one for gargle with salt water, doesn't have to be hot though. Very effective.

sprite25 Mon 22-May-17 14:44:31

Thank you for the replies, along with some paracetamol it has helped to ease it a little.

Guiltypleasures001 Mon 22-May-17 14:50:43

Honey and lemon hope it's better soon

FayKnights Sat 27-May-17 10:54:02

I came on to find solutions to the same thing, it's like razor blades in the throat. I'm definitely going to try all of the above. Achy joints too sad
Get well soon Sprite!

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