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Be honest - what do you think of the name...

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Lolabelle Fri 16-Mar-07 11:24:44

Huey?? I've always had a huge crush on the lead singer of The Fun Lovin Crimials HUey Morgan so probably a huge influence but my MIL & SIL pulled a funny face!!

I want something uncommon as my DD's name is fast heading towards the top ten girls names and it annoys me to hear her name everwhere i go and want to avoid a similar situation without being ridiculous and yes i am aware Donald Duck has a son/nephew (can't remember) of the same name but what do you reckon??

Twinkie1 Fri 16-Mar-07 11:26:10

Think it means some sort of phlegm where I come from so Huey would be out of the question!!

filthymindedvixen Fri 16-Mar-07 11:26:10

it sounds like someone being sick. Sorry....(even though I love the FLC too!)

nickytwotimes Fri 16-Mar-07 11:26:49

yes, it does sound like someone puking. sorry....

NAB3 Fri 16-Mar-07 11:27:04

What about Hugo as a comprimise? Or Hugh?

Rhubarb Fri 16-Mar-07 11:27:27

Spewy Huey

I can see it being turned into too many nasty nicknames.
But if you like it and your dh likes it then go for it. Nothing wrong with it as a name at all, it just depends on how mean his schoolchums are.

expatinscotland Fri 16-Mar-07 11:27:28

I think it would suit a pet guinea pig or chinchilla just fine.

nickytwotimes Fri 16-Mar-07 11:28:04

nab, like hugh, but hugo?!

Whoooosh Fri 16-Mar-07 11:28:09

I like it acturally but spelt Hughie as in the Scottish version-sounds great said witha Scottish accent too

MrsBadger Fri 16-Mar-07 11:28:22

I'd go for Hugh and use Huey as a nickname.

(had to talk DH out of Clark, Riley, Talon and Wyatt yesterday. I mean, Talon?)

Carmenere Fri 16-Mar-07 11:28:32

Well you could christen him Hugo and call him Huey if you wanted. The child would need to have the charisma and good looks of that guy from the FLC to get away with the name and although you will think that he has he may not have. He is likely to be ridiculed in school.

LucyJones Fri 16-Mar-07 11:28:37

Oh dear, I'm the only one who likes it!

wurlywurly Fri 16-Mar-07 11:28:41

huey dewey and louie . nuff said.

MrsBadger Fri 16-Mar-07 11:29:23

Actually Louis (not Lewis) is nice too.

DimpledThighs Fri 16-Mar-07 11:29:27

I like it - but would agree go for something and shorten it to that.

Rhubarb Fri 16-Mar-07 11:30:39

I like Huey, I can just think of the million and one reasons why others wouldn't. But hey, it's your kid!

sunnywong Fri 16-Mar-07 11:33:42

I LIKE it!

Huey Morgan is damn cool. Have you seen him in this movie?

my ds2 is named after a very famous musical hero too, go for it.

BettySpaghetti Fri 16-Mar-07 11:34:34

It might sound "cute" as a toddlers name but I really can't imagine a grown man being called Huey .

I know a grown-up Hugh, but not a baby/child one, and as for Hugo well, its Hugo-a-go-go round here. You can't move for them !

WaynettaSlob Fri 16-Mar-07 11:36:37

Wasn't he one of Donald Duck's nephews?

MrsBadger Fri 16-Mar-07 11:36:45

lol at Hugo-a-go-go
we have lots too

Lolabelle Fri 16-Mar-07 11:38:36

No i haven't seen him in that movie but i am going to ask my local blockbuster staf next time i'm there as hes a hard man to ogle as he never seems to do tv appearances anymore - must admit its a case of him being so cool that i think of it as a cool name whereas if i had never heard of him would i like it so much?? i don't know...

i like Hugo but not Hugh for some reason which i know sounds silly as they are very similar but maybe its the HUgh Grant thing!!

Love Beau but doesn't go with my surname as soley a first name so was thinking about Huey Beau or Huey Harrison as 1st and 2nd names but am getting to the point where i am doubting every choice and feedback at times like this are crucial!! We know its a boy you see and are crap at boys names..

DH liked Rafferty but only for the name Raff but i don't think i'd actually go for that despite it being cute - god pregnancy hormones could make me make a daft decision...

ludaloo Fri 16-Mar-07 11:39:08

um I think of Duck Tales

Huey Luey and what ever it was.....or was it Donalds nephews?? It reminds me of a duck anyway!

I do like the name though...

Lolabelle Fri 16-Mar-07 11:40:43

I know a Hugo also so that puts me off a bit as my DD is an Amelia and i know loads now! Hugh is not an option as DH has just rung and confirmed a big no way to that so on a similar front its HUey OR a completely different name...

(is that film any good - not that icare as i will be purely ogling...)

Lolabelle Fri 16-Mar-07 11:42:04

Internet says that huey is short for Hubert...

imaginaryfriend Fri 16-Mar-07 11:43:55

I prefer Hugh.

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