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8 weeks and bleeding

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dddddddddd Sun 21-May-17 14:37:47

So, I'm stuck miles from home with DD10 at a dance competition in Wales. Just been the loo and I've started bleeding, not heavy and I've got no pains or anything!

Please someone tell me I'm gonna be alright? 2nd baby and I'm 8 weeks! Feel like crying but obviously can't in a room full of hundreds of Morris Dancers!

Thissameearth Sun 21-May-17 14:43:09

Oh bless try not to worry could be loads of things and it's good it's not heavy and no pain. Can you put a pad on and monitor the bleeding and call EPU or gynae out of hours tonight when you can and maybe get checked tomo? I had bleeding weeks 6-8 and it was heavy at times too. Bleeding is common in early pregnancy but you should get it checked x

Thissameearth Sun 21-May-17 14:50:46

Nb there's not much hospital can do anyway so don't worry about being miles away, for me they did a scan to see if there was a heartbeat to reassure me. There was so, rather than do bloods to check hcg was rising, they were content. I was still bleeding and it got heavier, but they said there's nothing they could do but wait a week and scan again to see if growth as no point doing before then. they found cause of bleeding on scan - haematoma from digging in at implantation so they said I should expect bleeding and only to worry if pain. Fingers crossed.

dddddddddd Sun 21-May-17 15:06:45

Thanks just panicking as I don't really know anyone here! DD usually comes with her friends and I just came today because it's a big comp! Just can't wait to get home now!

Thingymaboob Sun 21-May-17 15:35:13

Which area do you normally live?

dddddddddd Sun 21-May-17 15:40:27


Thingymaboob Sun 21-May-17 17:37:54

Ah ok. There's a really good women's hospital / maternity hospital there isn't there? Could you call your early pregnancy unit tomorrow? How's bleeding now?

dddddddddd Sun 21-May-17 21:11:39

Still bleeding, only when wiping. Normal cramps, nothing too painful. Rang EPU when I got home who have advised I keep an eye on it tonight and go in in the morning. Just hope I get some sleep.

Thissameearth Sun 21-May-17 22:01:08

Only when wiping sounds good. Ugh these things are sent to try us - hot choc and bed? brew

twinkle1972 Mon 22-May-17 07:05:53

How are you today ddddddd? I'm from Liverpool too smile

dddddddddd Mon 22-May-17 09:45:05

Just been to the EPU, they did a pg test which was positive and looked at my cervix. Dr said it is closed and no active bleeding, been booked in for a vag scan on Wednesday. Staying positive smile

Tattybogle89 Mon 22-May-17 10:46:54

Hope you are ok. My bleeding in first trimester turned out to be a hematoma, little pool of blood around baby. They told me only when wiping was a good sign.. Wishing you well x

dddddddddd Wed 24-May-17 19:26:49

Just a little update... I had a scan today and baby is fine! Nice little heartbeat! Thank you all for your kind words xx

Thingymaboob Wed 24-May-17 19:31:50

@dddddddddd glad to hear it! I'm spotting today...
Are you still spotting? Did they tell you what was causing it?

NetflixandBill Wed 24-May-17 19:45:45

Good luck- heartbeat at 8 weeks is a good sign x

twinkle1972 Wed 24-May-17 19:56:10

So happy for you smile

Tattybogle89 Wed 24-May-17 19:57:00

Fantastic. Chance of miscarriage after seeing heartbeat is very slim! Enjoy your pregnancy x

dddddddddd Wed 24-May-17 21:45:50

@Thingymaboob Just put it down as unexplained.. haven't had any sporting since Monday. Good luck, get down to the local early pregnancy unit and see what they say!

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