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Yeovil or Taunton hospital for delivery?

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sweetsmad Sat 20-May-17 15:57:23

Hi all
Just after a bit of advice from any of you living in Somerset... I'm moving to Street and having my second baby in December. My first pregnancy was high risk due to being asthmatic and my girl was induced at 37 weeks as she didn't grow. She was born at 4lb10 and it was only luck that she didn't have any difficulties and didn't go to scbu. I then had pre-eclampsia post delivery and was seriously unwell. Although I'm hoping that this baby will grow and I won't have pre-eclampsia (same chances as first time round as baby has a different dad), I accept that this pregnancy will also be high risk. I will need to have a hospital birth (not mw-led) so I guess my choices are Musgrove at Taunton and Yeovil. Any thoughts or opinions on either?

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