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Elective section vs vbac - consultant meeting

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tootsieglitterballs Sat 20-May-17 13:51:57

We have an appointment with a consultant this week to discuss past labour and the possibility of an elective c section this week.

My last labour was awful, badly managed induction, bad doctor giving wrong info, very slow, back to back, double contractions, pushing for goodness knows how long, failed forceps, emergency section, tear and so on. Post natal care was virtually non existent, they missed lots of things inc infection and strep b....

I wasn't 'myself' for at least 6 months after baby arrived, but found a hospital debrief helped.

For my own mentality, amongst other reasons, Im pretty certain I would like an elective section this time , as I'm terrified of having a similar experience again.

Have people found consultants open to elective sections or found they try to push you to vbac?

Any pointers of things I should be asking at this appointment?

There is part of me that would love a vbac, but the risk of rupture, the chance of a similar labour, the worry of ending up with another emergency section again , combined with already being told I wouldn't be able to have the labour I would want (water, lots of movement etc - not allowed because of needing constant monitoring and needing antibiotics in labour for strep b) - all really makes me lean to planned section.

Sorry for that super long post!

thuslyitwas Sat 20-May-17 13:53:58

Hi there in my experience with friends who had terrible labours and emcs they were always given the option of elcs if it was they wanted. I hope this reassures you a little.

vfoster Sat 20-May-17 14:05:39

Hello! I had a pretty awful experience when I had my daughter 3 years ago. I had a faile dinduction that ended in an emergency section after 4 days.
I'm 32 weeks tomorrow and have found that my consultant is very much allowing my labour to be my decision. I saw him after my 20 week scan and he pretty much said I can handle this how I want to. He advised me that he thinks I should have a section if this is my last pregnancy though he said it was my choice. He guessed I'd want to avoid an induction due to my experience last time so gave me a few options: to panned section at 38 weeks; induction at 39 weeks; waiting to see if I naturally went into labour and having a VBAC or a 'backstop' planned section at 42 weeks if I didn't go into labour (or induction at this point if I changed my mind).
He gave me his advice but he didn't tell me what to do. I honestly didn't know what I wanted at that point and I wasn't forced into making a decision. I was booked in for 4 growth scans and another appointment with him after my third scan at 35 weeks. At that appointment i will make my decision if i want to book in for a section but he explained I could actually still change my mind until about 36/37 weeks.
I have that appointment in a couple of weeks and still have no idea (though a big and breech baby at my last scan suggests I'll be steered towards a section for safety reasons).
I've heard horror stories from others about being bullied by consultants but in my experience it's all down to what I want. Other people I've spoken to have still got what they wanted but they've had to be a bit tougher and demand what they want!
Good luck!

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