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Anyone else a bit manic even though exhausted?

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10storeylovesong Sat 20-May-17 11:20:27

Hi all,

I'm currently 21 weeks and for the last week or so I feel like I can't sit still and can't stop my mind from buzzing! I'm absolutely exhausted as getting 2-3 hours sleep a night but still working 10 hour shifts with 40-60 min commute each way and my 4 year old has been playing up going to bed for weeks while DH on nights (usually really good for me so think it could be baby related!).

For context: pre children dh and I were basically slobs. We'd both work full time shifts and use it as an excuse to sit and watch box sets on our days off and only minimum house work got done. When I was 21 weeks with ds I developed complications and was bed bound. I stayed at parents until went into labour at 27 weeks. When I came home from hospital (leaving baby in for 9 weeks) I was horrified at the state of the house.

Since then we have tried to keep on top of things, and although it's not a show house it's clean and tidy on the surface (every cupboard etc is full of clutter though).

I'm now driving myself mad trying to get things ready for baby. I can't stop - I leave the house at 5.45, get home around 6pm depending on traffic, get dinner ready then start again - Thurs morning I got up early to batch cook lasagnes and then at night I was dismantling wardrobes as I didn't like the set up of the shelves then putting it back together again at 9pm. Last night I was painting furniture then had an overwhelming compulsion at 8pm to sand down and emulsion bathroom while dh was at work. I then started ironing and was still ironing at 11pm.

I'm exhausted. I have chronic insomnia because I can't turn my mind off from what I need to do next. I'm in work now and dropping at my desk, but know that when I get home I'll not be able to relax. I know I've still got lots of time left, but I think at the back of my mind I'm so conscious of him coming early again and not being prepared. My hips are sore and I don't want to get into 3rd trimester and not be able to get anything done.

Anyone else like this? Any tips on how to turn off before I crash?

10storeylovesong Sat 20-May-17 11:23:13

And just to moan a bit further... I'm still being sick and had to run out of a meeting this morning to projectile vomit. So glamorous!

rabbitstail Sat 20-May-17 14:17:58

Hey there, gosh it sounds like your needing a break from it all. Have you spoken to your mw about how your feeling? You may be just coping now but when you get to the final weeks you will crash and burn if you don't get a handle on it. Just remember, baby doesn't know what the house looks like or if the cupboard is the right colour. What matters is that you are calm and are able to enjoy those first few months with baby. Your ds is probably picking up on you being tense too so it's best for all if you take a few steps back and relax.

Is there anyway that your mum, hubby or friend can come and give you a hand or just sit in and have a chat to help you relax?

I hope you are able to relax a bit, good luck and let us know how you get in x

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