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Nub theory - where is the nub??

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notasillysausage Fri 19-May-17 16:45:48

Hi, I'm 39 weeks pregnant and feeling nervous and excited to meet my little one.

I don't know what I'm having and have been trying to guess for fun. Can you see the nub on this picture? Is it the white stick thing or is that a leg?

MerlinsBeard87 Fri 19-May-17 18:03:10

I think the white thing is possibly the nub, in which case it looks very girly?

Tattybogle89 Fri 19-May-17 18:09:06

That looks like a very very clear girl nub! Iv been reading into this after my 12 week scan and there's no visible nub on mine . But id put money on that being a girl! Please update x

notasillysausage Fri 19-May-17 18:10:03

That's what I was thinking, but to be honest, I can always just about make out the baby on these scan pictures, let alone nubs and skull theories etc grin

notasillysausage Fri 19-May-17 18:12:09

I will do, I'm 39 weeks so anytime in the next 3 weeks (please god be sooner grin ) I should know.

I will be so shocked if it's a girl. I have a DS and can't imagine having a girl, to the point we have not thought of any girls names.

EviAnastasi Fri 19-May-17 20:12:22

From what people have said previously, I think it is the straight line (I'm also trying to work my 12 week scan photo out!). If going on the nub theory it does look girly! I hope you come back and post when the baby is born. Best of lucksmile xx

Tattybogle89 Thu 06-Jul-17 22:34:16

@notasillysausage what did you have ? X

notasillysausage Mon 21-Aug-17 14:53:05

Sorry for being so late to update, you were all right, I had a beautiful little girl!

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