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Transvaginal scan at 7 weeks

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Gemaxo Thu 18-May-17 16:07:58

Hi ladies,

This is now my 3rd pregnancy, unfortunately the first 2 ended in miscarriages both before the 7 week mark. I am now booked in for a scan next week just to make sure everything is going ok

I have had a transvaginal scan before, 2 days after I started to miscarry.
I am a nervous wreck right now and just need to some positive advice!

I can't help but think the scan caused my miscarriage and Ino that's silly but it's just now a fear of mine!!

Scan is 3pm Wednesday, I find myself constantly checking for blood when wiping, I'm constantly on edge. This week is going to drag!! Ahhh!

Please tell me some positive stories if anyone has ever experienced 2 miscarriage and/or had a transvaginal scan

Needing some hand holding.

Thank you ladies xo

Lunde Thu 18-May-17 16:11:52

I have had the same situation after the 2nd of my 3 miscarriages - I miscarried 2 hours after a transvaginal scan and always linked the two.

My reaction was not to have an early scan at all with pregnancy 4 - despite some substantial bleeding between weeks 4-8 I refused to have a scan before week 12.

I don't know if this is the right way but it was the way I dealt with it

Gemaxo Thu 18-May-17 16:29:12

Ok, well that wasn't the positive feedback I was hoping for

shamoffour Thu 18-May-17 16:35:15

I've had 3 mcs and 4dc. I've also had transvaginal scans with my pregnancies that carried on successfully.
Having something inserted into your vagina will not cause a miscarriage unfortunately if it's going to happen it's going to happen. I had 2 mcs followed by successful pregnancy I was just really unlucky and hopefully this is the case for you too. Everything crossed for youflowers

There used to by a pregnant after miscarriage thread which I think is still going, I found loads of support there.

AnUtterIdiot Thu 18-May-17 17:07:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beckywiththegoodhair2 Thu 18-May-17 17:30:01

I had my scan on monday, got a few cramps after but im fine no bleeding or cramps now. Saw a strong heartbeat at 6 weeks

YouBoggleMyMind Thu 18-May-17 17:38:51

I've had a 7+3 internal scan and it was all ok. I am 9+3 today. Had a bit of spotting at 5 weeks and 7 weeks but nothing since the scan. You should be able to see a lovely little heartbeat and baby should be about 10mm in length. Good luck x

dirtygrubbybikerchick Thu 18-May-17 17:43:19

@Gemaxo - I totally understand your fear. From the online research I've done, there have been a few studies on a link between USs and MCs, where they imply a slightly increased risk of MC in women who scan vs women who don't.

The consensus seems to be that although USs are generally deemed safe, because USs can cause organs to heat up, they should only be used by trained technicians for brief periods of time and only when medically necessary. For that reason, 4D USs are deemed significantly more risky than brief diagnostic USs.

I worry too, but not enough to not go for any USs. I just try and make sure I only have them when necessary to rule out issues and not otherwise. It's tough, but I have to trust that the hospital staff know what they're doing.

If you're very worried then, unless you are worried about an ectopic pregnancy, can't you just wait till 12 weeks for a scan?

dirtygrubbybikerchick Thu 18-May-17 17:45:50

Ps I should have mentioned also that I've had 2 TVUSs so far in this pregnancy at 7+3 and 8+5 due to scares (ectopic risk, and clots). So far so good, and my 12 week scan is scheduled for Monday.

Crumbs1 Thu 18-May-17 17:51:35

Why put yourself through the scan? It's not essential to the health of your baby so,just don't have it.

eurochick Thu 18-May-17 17:52:59

I had several tv scans. My ivf clinic did them as standard at 6+1 before signing you off. Do you think if there was any link to miscarriage they would risk it? It's fine. Try not to worry.

PuckeredAhole Thu 18-May-17 17:58:37

I had 2 or 3 TV scans with pregnancy 2 because I was worried about short cervix due to lletz after 1st pregnancy. No blood but it was uncomfortable.

Maggy74653 Thu 18-May-17 17:58:59

I have had one miscarriage and one successful pregnancy. My miscarriage was a missed miscarriage, so the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks but my body didn't recognise it. I had a private transabdominal scan at 8 weeks, they didn't think things looke right so I had a NHS transvaginal scan two days later, they couldn't detect a heartbeat but baby looked healthy for 6 weeks so they thought my dates could be out. So I had another transvaginal scan a week later. Despite all these scans I still needed medical management to miscarry.

With my successful pregnancy I had a bleed early on, and a transvaginal scan to see what was wrong. They couldn't find anything but we did see my little girl who had a heartbeat at 6weeks+1 smile she is currently 19 days old and laying on me asleep.

I can see why you associate the two but I don't think one caused the other. It was probably just bad luck xx

AllotmentJunkie Thu 18-May-17 20:02:52

I have had 4 early mc before and all started bleeding before a scan. Now 9 weeks, I had a scan at 7 weeks where they picked up a heartbeat and havent had any bleeding. They have also offered me another reassurance scan for tomorrow to check it is still developing.

I really dont think there is any link between ultrasounds and mc. Good luck for wednesday.

Gininthesunshine Thu 18-May-17 20:23:55

I was told if there was a detectable heartbeat at a 7 week transvaginal scan then you have a 96% chance of a healthy baby.

That reassured me a lot. I too had numerous miscarriages.

Best wishes

Booksandcrocheting Thu 18-May-17 20:28:02

I had two tv scans, and was absolutely fine.

Stopyourhavering Thu 18-May-17 20:35:33

I had 2mcs and then went on to have 3 'normal' pregnancies - had tv scans from 6 weeks (until week 10) for 2 of them. I was still obsessed with checking the toilet paper every time I went to the toilet well into my pregnancies....good luck with your pregnancy, hang in there

PurplePoppySeed Thu 18-May-17 22:32:11

My first pregnancy resulted in miscarriage, so when I was pregnant a second time, just like you I was worried about things that I thought must be the trigger - in my case I had a flu jab on the Monday, flew to Poland on Tuesday and back on Thursday, the MC started on Friday. From then on I've been totally anti having jabs when pregnant and I completely refused to fly in my second pregnancy (even made my husband drive us to Portugal blush)

I'm finally on pregnancy no 3 and already have at least 3 sets of flights booked over the summer. I can't justify the cost if not taking them so I've had to swallow my worries and hope for the best!

I totally get your worries and it's your choice, do what feels right for you. For example I know I wouldn't have a flu jab this pregnancy as it's an easy thing to avoid (and not costly)

confusedat23 Fri 19-May-17 07:17:20

Ive had 3 TV scans and 2 normal US this pregnancy and i'm 17 weeks... I didn't have any bleeding after the TV scans and there was no mention to a risk of MC assiciated with them.

However OP it's up to you, if you think they were related then just hold off until 12 weeks, the scan would not be able to prevent a MC at this stage.

I hope everything works out for you flowers

dirtygrubbybikerchick Fri 19-May-17 07:56:42

do what feels right for you <--- this, definitely smile good luck

10storeylovesong Fri 19-May-17 08:08:14

I had 4 mcs last year and as a result I had a transvaginal scan this time around at 7 weeks when found I was pregnant again. I'm going for my 20 week scan this morning, and sat here typing this while baby kicks away.

Good luck with this pregnancy.

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