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Induction at 37 weeks

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sunnyfields25 Thu 18-May-17 01:55:39

So, I found out today I'm being induced on Sunday, at 37 weeks, due to the baby's growth having gradually slowed down.

I'd hoped for a water birth, or at the very least to be as active as possible, using a birthing ball and different positions. I'm trying to get my head around this sudden new reality, but am still in a bit of a daze.

One thing I need to figure out is what to take to hospital. I had nearly finished packing my bags, but am not sure now if I should be starting again to account for a longer stay. For those of you who were induced, do you have any handy tips on things that it's good to take along? Or advice on which items I might need more of than if I was having a natural birth?

I should really be asleep but have too many thoughts buzzing around!

Thanks so much smile

Rockspin Thu 18-May-17 02:34:52

I'm being induced tomorrow for similar reasons, I'm 37 weeks too.
I was induced with my 1st too.
Things to take:
Snacks and drinks - plenty and not forgetting plenty for DH
Change of clothes of DH- last time I was sick in early labour it went all over DH
Things to read/watch/do as there is LOTS of waiting around.
I had a cool spray last time and it was a godsend as hospitals are hot and muggy places. Got a cooling spray from boots.
Plenty of clothes as you may need a fair few changes yourself. I got through lots of bottoms!

Good luck, my 1st was a very positive (albeit lengthy) process, ignore the induction horror stories as they're not all terrible!

sunnyfields25 Thu 18-May-17 09:09:22

Thanks Rockspin, that's really good advice. I'm going to see if DH can pick me up a cool spray from the shops today. Also, I reckon I'll need to get some more dark PJs as only have one pair of bottoms.

I am trying not to Google too much as I think some of the stories might panic me and I'm trying (but not yet succeeding) to get into a calmer headspace.

With your last induction, did you have the oxytocin drip? And if so, were you able to move around at all or were you confined to the bed?

Actually, I've just noticed you posted in the early hours of this morning so might be being induced today (and if so I'm sure you've got other things to focus on rather than replying to this!). If so, good luck and hopefully you'll be all done and dusted before I even begin on Sunday.

FeelingForSnow Thu 18-May-17 17:54:46

I was induced on Sunday due to baby being small. I have been having growth scans since 30 weeks. She was still growing hence induction on due date rather than pre-term.

I didn't change/add anything but you will need food because the stay can be very long.

Having said that it is very individual. And you might just need one meal.

We ended up going to the nearest petrol station to get some food as it was Sunday and very late too.

You will be asked to walk anyways to get things going.

At the end the only things I used from my massive suitcase was pads, panties, towel and washing things, baby clothes. Labour started 6 hours after inserting pessary and lasted for 2 hours and we were discharged at 8am the next morning.

My bag was virtually intact.

Good luck!

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