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Blighted ovum or very early pregnancy?

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user1495054098 Wed 17-May-17 22:08:51

Can anyone offer some advice? I took a pregnancy test 13 days ago..2 normal ones which both were positive and a clear blue digital which said 2-3 weeks. I hadn't been actively trying to get pregnant so I have no idea when my lmp, so took another clear blue last Monday which said 3+ weeks, based on this I figured this week I was at least 6 weeks and booked an early scan as there are twins in my family and k wanted to know asap if I was having them.
When we got there she said there's no way I am 6 weeks as all she can see is the gestational sac and it's more likely I am 4 weeks (my partner says he heard her say 4-5 although to be honest I wasn't taking it all in). When we got home I did another clear blue digital and it's now saying 2-3 weeks, based on this and the fact that I don't see how I can be 4 weeks when I got a bfp 2 weeks ago, i feel like I have a pregnancy that's not progressing. Does anyone have any advice/support/experience as I've now been reading that the digit tests may not be totally accurate so I'm wondering if I still have a chance at a healthy pregnancy?

Thissameearth Wed 17-May-17 22:15:25

Clear blue digital is not reliable for dating. It roughly measures hcg but there's a huge variance. It's weird the CB went down but that also happened to me and was wrong. When was your last period and how long is your cycle roughly?

missanony Wed 17-May-17 22:17:49

If there's no way you can be 4 weeks then it is probably a blighted ovum. Are you booked in for a couple of weeks for a follow up?

user1495054098 Wed 17-May-17 22:17:54

I've got no idea when my last period was so I'm solely relying on the digital test to date me

user1495054098 Wed 17-May-17 22:18:50

Yep, she booked us to go back in 2 weeks but that seems an eternity away!

Alexandra87 Wed 17-May-17 22:38:28

My sister had a similar thing. They took blood one day then she went back a day or two later for more bloods to make sure her hcg was rising. Assuming they haven't done this could you request this from gp?

Thissameearth Wed 17-May-17 22:40:15

Yeah you can't really rely on the digi for that as it's only hcg measurement and hcg has huge variance from person to person. So leaving the dating aside you got a positive test two weeks ago. I think you'd generally expect to be at least 4 weeks at the point of it turning positive (bearing in mind when medics say the time period they're basing it from LMP. That's a point actually rem CB digi dates from conception so there's a conversion chart in the instructions from memory and 2-3 digi would be 4-5 by medic standards?). So if that was two weeks ago then maybe you would expect to be further along but not outwith possibility. This is why these tests are a bastard they can make you more worried and confused - I understand a lot of doctors and midwives would like them barred! If you had any pregnancy symptoms: sickness, tiredness, sore boobs, are they continuing? Fingers crossed - obv try to keep busy for next two weeks.

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