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Tiny amount of brown tinged discharge?

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Emma2803 Wed 17-May-17 21:38:05

Just need reassuring, not overly panicking but.....
I'm 7+1 and have just had the tiniest speck of brown tinged discharge when I wiped. I have no pains although I did have a mild cramp earlier on this evening, but barely noticeable.

Just keep an eye and if I get pain or red blood get checked out?

I'm very lucky in that I work right next door to the local community midwife team (have my booking I'm and scan there in 2.5 weeks) so can go and ask for advice though not sure if they would do anything or send me to the epu in the next town over?

AlexandraEiffel Wed 17-May-17 21:42:03

In my experience totally normal. I had bleeding in early pregnancy with both of mine who are currently snoring away next to me. I did end up with early scans with both to check all was ok due to bleeding.

I did also miscarry in between and bleeding was entirely different. Increasing and with pain.

AlexandraEiffel Wed 17-May-17 21:43:15

Just to add, the pain of uterus stretching is entirely normal too. Miscarriage pain was different but I can't really articulate how.

Emma2803 Wed 17-May-17 21:46:26

So sorry to hear you had a miscarriage Alexandra, and thank you for replying.

I never had any bleeding or pains with my first thankfully but I did have a cut with him.

I'm sure it will be fine it's just the initial shock of seeing it there!

LurkinMerkin Wed 17-May-17 21:48:08

It can be a stressful time, early pregnancy. I had a brownish/caramel discharge for weeks and weeks starting about 6 weeks into my pregnancy. I was I initially terrified but it was just a normal for me part of being pregnant. I've now got a bouncing 8 week old baby and had an uncomplicated pregnancy.

I'd say as long as it's not red, you should be ok, equally the cramping is a normal symptom too, at least it was for me.

I think you should try not to worry, enjoy your pregnancy and look after yourself, but if anything changes before booking in, you can seek medical advice.


Doublechocolatetiffin Wed 17-May-17 21:54:42

I'd speak to your midwife and see if you can get an early scan booked at the epu. They can check to make sure all is ok. Spotting can be completely normal and in most cases it is, but it's worth getting checked in case of ectopic pregnancy etc.

Thingymaboob Wed 17-May-17 22:07:40

I had brown discharge that went on for a week from week 6-7. I miscarried that pregnancy. However, my SIL had a big red bleed at 7 weeks which looked definitely like a miscarriage but everything was fine and no cause found! She's now 28 weeks and things are looking great. You just never know. Sometimes it's ok, but sometimes it's not

Emma2803 Wed 17-May-17 22:09:31

Thanks for the advice everyone, if it's still there tomorrow I will nip over and see one of the midwives, see what they say.

Tattybogle89 Wed 17-May-17 22:15:21

I've had a lot of brown discharge which turned red after a few weeks after turning pink. It has gone from watery, to gungey. To bitty. I have just had my 12 weeks scan. Everything is fine. Epu had me in for 2 scans early on to check why I was bleeding. I was told around 7 weeks can be implantation bleeding. And around 10weeks I was told a common hematoma x

FATEdestiny Wed 17-May-17 22:17:26

I had a missed miscarriage. I discovered at the 12 week scan that baby stopped growing at 5 weeks, but I didn't miscarry until 12+ weeks.

I started having tiny bits of brown discharge when I wiped from around 7 weeks. I ignored it because i hoped that only red blood was bad. I think there was an element of burying my head in the sand too.

There was never much discharge, just a swipe on the paper when wiping. Brown and stringy/sticky. No pain, no red blood. But I did see a gradual depletion of my pregnancy symptoms.

So it might be worth getting it checked. Unless, like me, you would prefer not to think about it.

I had a subsequent pregnancy and baby after this. In that kregancy I had significant abdominal pain. No bleeding, but a lot of pain. This was nothing to worry about and was an ovarian lesion that healed itself. So miscarriage scares don't always mean miscarriage.

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