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Home birth

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Nibletmum Wed 17-May-17 19:01:43

Can anyone who's had a home birth share their experiences with me? I can't decide between that and a hospital birth.
My first hospital birth wasn't the best experience so I'm keen to a old it again but I'm worried about if things were to go wrong at home. I had a ventouse with my first so I guess I'm basing my worries on that. If anyone has had both experiences was one better than the other? Thanks smile

GummyGoddess Wed 17-May-17 19:17:05

I had a home birth and would do it again. Waters broke just before 02:00, alerted hospital at 7ish, lay on sofa watching film and eating until 10:00ish when I got in the pool. Bit of a mistake as I then refused to move for the next 10 hours.

Midwife came at 14:00 to monitor me. Shift change around 18:00 to two other midwives, one of whom I had met before. They eventually prised me out of the pool at 21:30 and made me walk up and down stairs as well as squats.

Baby born at 22:00 in the bathroom after maybe 10 minutes of pushing grin The stinging was the worst bit and I considered head butting the wall to take my mind off of it but it was over quickly.

Placenta came out naturally after 10 minutes, midwives checked I didn't need stitches, dressed baby and put us to bed.

The next day a midwife came to check feeding and do newborn checks.

The only downside was every single towel including tea towels was soaked in blood so there was a lot of washing!

Lostmyemailaddress Wed 17-May-17 19:29:59

I had a homebirth with dc6 and was going to have one with dc7 but can't due to complications.
My waters went at 11:45 on the Saturday night. I had had a strange feeling so covered the sofa with a shower curtain went to lie down and felt a pop. My sister came round and called the delivery suite and they sent 2 midwives round. It was really calm compared to my previous births and I think it was because I felt more relaxed in my own environment.
We asked the midwives of we would be transferring to hospital as I was told the midwife may prefer that as I was on dc6 but they were happy to continue on at home. He was born at 5:25 on the Sunday morning with me knelt on the sofa watching the sun rise and music on in the background. His first cry woke my other dcs up and they were waiting at the top of the stairs to be told they could come and meet their brother. I didn't need stitches and I don't remember the placenta coming out but it seemed to be quick. I was helped to be made presentable for my dcs while dc6 was checked out. Then the midwives told my other dcs they could come down. My sister made us all a brew and toast while me and all the dcs cuddled up on the sofa and the midwives left after they had finished their drinks. It was such a lovely experience for everyone I wish I would have asked for one with my previous pregnancies.

itchi Thu 18-May-17 10:22:42

I had a hospital water birth with my first and a home water birth with my second.
While my hospital birth was great my home birth was far better.

With both births the placenta took a long time to come. With my hospital bith, looking back, I was bullied into getting the injection to deliver it. I wanted a natural third stage. They didn't pressure me to cut the cord until it stopped pulsating, and they did give me advice to try to encourage it to come, but after close to an hour I started to feel pushed and scared into accepting the injection, with the threat that I'd need surgery as it had nearly been an hour.
I also felt a little rushed to get out of the room I gave birth in as it was the only one with a pool. Fair enough but added to the placenta thing the immediate post-bith period felt a little rushed and uncomfortable.

My second was born with just me and my mum present (midwives arrived about 30 mins after the birth) as I'd had two days of false labour so didn't think it was the real thing, so didn't want to wake up partner or bother having the midwives around for what was likely nothing again.
It was pretty fast and as perfect as it could be.
Again, the placenta took ages, longer than my first but there was no pressure from the midwives and eventually it did come on its own and all was fine.

I'm glad I went with the hospital for my first as it as all unknown and I was less confident in my abilities, but I'll be having a home water birth again this time.

Nibletmum Thu 18-May-17 12:39:41

Thanks for your replies! I'm keeping my fingers crossed I get to have a home birth. Got to have a growth scan tomorrow as measuring big - same as my first but it was all fluid so fingers crossed! Would love a water birth but there's nowhere to put a pool in my flat and even if there was I'd never get the toddler out of the 'swimming pool'!

naturalbaby Thu 18-May-17 12:49:34

I had all 3 of mine at home, which was close to a hospital. I used hypnobirthing to stay relaxed. I'd made a nesting/den space in the spare room with mats on the floor, beanbag etc and it was next to the bathroom. 1 midwife with me the whole time, toddler asleep upstairs. The midwives bagged everything up and took it away with them.
Good luck - there's nothing like being at home if you can stay there.

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