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Meeting other pregnant mums in my area

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SpwJd Wed 17-May-17 14:53:08

I'm pregnant with my third baby and whilst I have friends , a lot don't live local to me.
As it's my third baby I wouldn't have thought the nct would be worthwhile for me so just wondering how i should go about meeting other pregnant mums local to me.
We have a local community centre but most of the classes are toddler groups.
I've started pregnancy yoga but that's the other side of town.
I'd love to meet some other pregnant mums that live on my estate so that once babies are here can stroll and not have to go out in the car etc.

Any ideas.

Belle1409 Wed 17-May-17 14:58:37

Do you have any NCT coffee mornings near you? You can search for events on their website. I have also used Mush, it's a phone app where you can meet mums in your area.
Hope you meet some soon smile

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